Saturday, November 18th, 2017

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Author Archives: Laura Tirello

Are You Choosing Between Your Job and Your Dreams?

I hear way too many of my clients berating themselves about the career they’ve chosen. It doesn’t seem to matter whether they’re making six figures or that they’re making a huge contribution to someone’s life. All they feel is crappy about it, all the time. It may sound a little odd at first. Their jobs […]

Want Success? Become a Self-Expert

When a potential client approaches me and the first thing they tell me is all the self-help books they have read, I cringe a little. I bet you’re thinking: “what kind of coach doesn’t like self help books?” Let me clarify my point of view: it’s not that I don’t like self help books, I […]

Boost Self-Confidence and Creativity in One Simple Step

How many of us use alarm clocks to wake up each morning? The number is probably larger than we can imagine. It seems natural to use an alarm clock as a constant reminder of when to rise; but the habit of creating a consistent reminder to release self-imposed pressure is harder to cultivate. I received […]

Meditation For The Real World

Meditation. When you hear the word you automatically envision a calm yogi in a seated position looking extremely peaceful. You are thinking there’s no way that could be me. After all, he doesn’t have to deal with long commutes, deadlines, and other modern day life responsibilities. You are absolutely right; his way of meditating is […]

What Matters More Than the Letters After Your Name

I met with a new client this week. Though she was new to me, her story was a familiar one that I had heard from many clients. She came to me regarding a lack of confidence in the workplace. She wanted to be more assertive and play a bigger role, but was crippled by feelings […]

Why Failing is Good and Experimenting Is Even Better

In my daily search for interesting opinions there was one article that really stood out to me this week. It was entitled “Visualize Failure” by Peter Bregman of the Harvard Business Review. It caught my eye because an article promoting failure is the last thing you would expect from a school that has educated some […]

Stressed? Let it All Out

It’s been a rough week, possibly even a rough month. Some clients claim it’s been a rough few years! I’m not about to debate what constitutes rough, but I will say there are a whole bunch of people out there under a whole lot of stress. Some days there is no way around it, but […]

Want New Opportunities? Value Your Self Initiative

Long, long ago there was a young woman who was afraid of taking initiative. She had lots of great ideas and was a go-getter, but inside she was always looking for permission. She wanted somebody to tell her it was okay to just do it. She had strong opinions and a great sense of intuition, […]

Being Imperfect Isn’t A Bad Thing

Perfectionism sucks you dry, plain and simple. I’ve been reading Apolo Anton Ohno’s book Zero Regrets: Be Greater Than Yesterday. I wasn’t surprised to learn that perfectionism is something that he struggled with in his sports career. To be successful you have to have the desire to work to your greatest ability, the problem lies […]

Balancing an All or Nothing Lifestyle

I used to be an all or nothing person and I have to admit that it was pretty painful. All of that pressure, stress, and intense effort put into one thing is a great recipe for exhaustion and burnout. Only I didn’t know that, I just thought if you wanted something bad enough you just […]