Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

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Author Archives: Mitch Painter

Finding Buyers for Wholesale Deals

This is probably the most common question I get from beginner wholesalers. Not to worry, if you have a great wholesale deal you can get it sold quickly by following my advise. You can also always post a question on my blog to get an immediate answer from me if you have any wholesaling houses questions […]

7 Ways to Invest in Real Estate!

1. Use a self directed IRA. Self directed IRA’s are a great way to earn money in real estate without the hassle of management. Very few investment advisors know about them or know that you can use them to invest in real estate. You can use them on deals that you are funding as a […]

Real Estate Investor: How to Calculate your Offer

The process of calculating an offer for wholesale homes or properties to rehab is one of the most complicated parts of being a real estate investor. The ability to buy wholesale property low is one of the most critical parts to being a successful real estate investor. Having bought and sold over 250 houses I’ll give you the equation we use and walk you through the process.