Thursday, October 19th, 2017

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The latest and greatest supercar from Ferrari, the LaFerrari. If you’re one of a lucky 499 to own one. http://www.laferrari.com/en/

Obama Pressures Colleges to Lower Tuition

Good news for future students. Obama is attempting to force colleges to reduce college tuition increases so that college remains affordable for everyone. In a speech Obama made on Friday in Michigan Obama announced that schools will also be held to new performance standards. If students can’t find jobs after college, future students that attend […]

Young Money’s Campus Tour is in Full Swing

Yes, we are out and quite possibly in your backyard. Below is the information regarding the tour. Join us at a campus near you! Starting with the DePaul University on September 12 and ending with the University of California – Santa Cruz on November 17, the Young Money LIVE Campus Event and Speaking Tour will […]

Top Summer Travel Destinations for Young Money

You’ve probably seen a list like this list ten times already this summer. But you haven’t seen this one. If you’re young and looking to blow off steam from the weekly grind at work take a minute to review. These are the best cities for nightlife, live music, good times, and places where anything can […]

Free FICO Scores on the Horizon

We’ve all been waiting for it. Free credit reports have been around for awhile now, but what about a free credit score? Isn’t it about time we had free access to a score that’s generated using all our own personal financial information and then sold to lenders who want to assess our riskiness as borrowers? […]

Decoding Your New-Car Contract

You’ve taken it for a test-drive. Picked your favorite color. Maybe you even had a friend tell you how cool you look behind the wheel. Congratulations — you’re about to buy a new car! In all the excitement over your new wheels, it’s easy to breeze through your purchase contract and sign on the dotted […]

The Old New-Car Dilemma: To Purchase or Lease?

There’s no shortage of options to consider when it comes to selecting the features you’d like in a new vehicle. But before you drive yours home, there’s one critical option you need to decide on — one that can impact your ownership experience more than anything else: should you purchase or lease? It’s a dilemma […]

Cha-ching cha-ching

Get a glimpse of what CPAs earn If there’s one thing you will not be complaining about as a CPA, it’s your salary. Even new grads are offered a sizable sum, and your earning potential over time is among the best out there. Of course, as with any profession, salaries vary by geography, experience, education, […]

Do something useful this summer

Why an internship is triple important for CPA hopefuls You have to start somewhere in your path to career satisfaction. Fortunately, a well-chosen internship provides the perfect place to get underway. Here’s why an internship is more valuable than any week at the beach: Internship? More like interview. Tons of people end up working at […]

Driving Down the Cost of Driving

Whether you’re dreaming about cruising around in your first new ride or are already a proud vehicle owner, it’s no secret that mobility can be expensive. But never fear — the GM College Discount Program* is here to help, with insights and tips that can help save you money throughout your ownership experience. Three areas […]