Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

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Auto Shopping

YOUNG MONEY auto shopping articles, books, advice and tips for college students – car buying guide, best used car deals for young adults, auto loans and financing.

Driving Down the Cost of Driving

Whether you’re dreaming about cruising around in your first new ride or are already a proud vehicle owner, it’s no secret that mobility can be expensive. But never fear — the GM College Discount Program* is here to help, with insights and tips that can help save you money throughout your ownership experience. Three areas […]

Thinking About Buying a Car? Here’s Some Help For Determining Your Insurance Rate

During the depths of the recession, the automobile industry suffered mightily as consumers pulled back their spending and cut back on big-ticket purchases. However, as the economic recovery has taken hold, auto sales have surged. In fact, in January of this year Chevrolet, Ford, GM and Honda all posted sales gains in the double digits […]

Porsche Unveils 918 – $845,000 Luxury Hybrid Sports Car

If you’re deciding if and when to replace your car, consider this: Luxury carmaker Porsche has begun taking orders for its 918 hybrid supercar. The beautiful sports car can be yours – if you’re willing to fork over $845,000. Following the car’s unveiling at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show, Porsche has sought to cash in […]

Financing Your New Wheels

Car loans and buying and leasing cars

I Work, Therefore I Drive

 Prepare for your next car purchase before you even walk onto the lot.

Smart tips for buying a used car

A little research goes a long way in finding the right used car

Car Shopping: Kicking Your Financial Knowledge into Gear

Car sales are down and the U.S. government is doing it’s best to entice consumers to purchase cars.

23 Words You MUST-KNOW When Buying Or Leasing a Car

Buying or leasing a car? How to avoid getting ripped off!

The Three Ps of Car Buying

Keep these money saving tips in mind while shopping for your next ride.

To Lease, or Not To Lease

Should you lease your next automobile or finance it instead? Find out by comparing the advantages offered by each option.