Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

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Campus life – YOUNG MONEY articles, books, advice and tips for college students and young adults – campus life, roommate pairing, online dating, birth control, cheap dates, fraternities and more….

South Korea Turns to Tablets for Education

Educators worldwide have often wrestled with a difficult set of problems posed by textbooks, but Korean teachers and students may finally be done with the hassle. MIT’s Technology Review reports that South Korea plans to replace its text books with electronic versions and tablets. The new plan comes in two phases, moving all elementary school […]

Beyond the bachelor’s degree: MACC vs. MBA. Should you plan to get an advanced degree?

As you work toward becoming a CPA (Certified Public Accountant), there are some other letters you can earn behind your name. Two of the most popular are MAcc (Master of Accountancy) and MBA (Master of Business Administration). Which ones you get, if any, is a matter of preference—so how do you know which one is […]

The Game of Life

The game of Life (the game),  you can learn about life when you play the game of Life!  Do you remember this jingle?  It relentlessly replayed itself over and over in my mind as we introduced our two teenage boys and our ten year old to New York Life’s Game of Life. Life is fun!  […]

Become a Better Public Speaker in College and on the Job

You’re wearing only your underwear as you stand alone at the podium on the massive auditorium stage where 800 strangers, professionally dressed in dark-colored business suits, are anticipating your three-hour presentation, Rescuing the Economy. Your face is red-hot, your heart is racing. All eyes are on you. What if you faint or vomit in front […]

Ed Department Proposing New Rules for College Programs and Recruitment

The U.S. Department of Education recently proposed a number of rules regarding college recruitment and student aid and is now taking comments on them. According to the proposed regulations, the department will be more empowered to enforce actions against institutions that misrepresent the programs they offer to students. During recent hearings, officials heard from students […]

Can You Negotiate the Price of Your Apartment Rental?

More often than not, you’re in a rush when you’re looking for the perfect apartment. It isn’t the easiest thing in the world to find that perfect apartment that is within your means of affording. So when you find something that is perfect and is within or almost within your budget, you want to snatch […]

Twilight: New Moon Is Bad for Women

Boring, bland and bad for women.

Unigo.com Back to School College Guide Offers Real Advice from Real People

Whether you are just starting your college career or you’re headed back a little more “been there, done that” knowledge can never be a bad thing.

How Green is Your Campus?

Help your school pass the environmental test

Getting Paid for Your A’s

Discounts for making the dean’s list