Sunday, November 19th, 2017

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YOUNG MONEY offers career and job articles, advice and tips from a career expert, professional job trainer, image expert to help college students and grads with job search and career and career strategy.

5 Tips to Finding a New Job You Love

You don’t just want any old job in any old city. That’s why millennials jump from job to job so often. About 60 percent are open-minded towards a new job, and 21 percent have changed jobs within the past year. The common misconception is we lack loyalty and are too lazy to stick it out […]

Is College Really Worth It?

The question of whether college is worth it is a fairly new one in the scheme of things. When you’re looking at payment options so you can afford college, you have to deal with the fact that tuition has gone up by 296 percent since 1995. A price increase of this magnitude is hard to […]

Procrastinating About Your Job Search?

When you’re a freshman, graduation seems light-years away, so you figure there’s no need to start worrying about career plans yet. As a sophomore trying to decide on a major, you might get some inkling that you’re going to have to make a career choice in the not-too-distant future, but it still doesn’t seem like […]

Positions Available For Those Willing to Adapt

Unemployment in the U.S. continues to hover above 9 percent and many around the country face difficulty finding new work. A recent survey from CareerBuilder, however, found that those with experience and education have a variety of opportunities in some of the country’s largest companies. The survey included more than 800 workers laid off in […]

Career coach advises college students to register with LinkedIn

Popular professional networking website LinkedIn is a perfectly suitable resource for the unexperienced, green-behind-the-ears job hunter. In other words, college students can capitalize on use of the growing network, according to the column of a career coach that was printed on U.S. News & World Report. Though some users with minimal experience might be disinclined […]

Bright outlook to greet freshly graduated job hunters

Bright-eyed, bushy-tailed college grads eager to start their careers have some good news as they hunt for their opportunity to break into the workforce at the entry level. CNN reports employers are preparing to hire 19 percent more newly graduated college students this year as compared to figures from 2010, according to the National Association […]

Do something useful this summer

Why an internship is triple important for CPA hopefuls You have to start somewhere in your path to career satisfaction. Fortunately, a well-chosen internship provides the perfect place to get underway. Here’s why an internship is more valuable than any week at the beach: Internship? More like interview. Tons of people end up working at […]

Report: Best Labor Market For College Graduates Since 2008

The U.S. labor market has struggled to emerge from the depths of the recession, but college graduates this year have some good news to cheer, according to a recently published report. Bloomberg reports that the class of 2011 is enjoying the best job market for new graduates since the 2008 financial crisis took hold. The […]

Survey: 83 Percent of Startups Plan to Hire in 2011 – Though Worries Remain Over Regulation, Lending

Though the U.S. job market has been slow to recover from the recession, the unemployment rate has fallen to 8.8 percent from 9.8 percent in November, and there has been sustained growth over the past five months. In a jolt of good news for those looking for work, a new survey released this week showed […]

Looking for a Job? Try Avoiding these 10 Key Industries That Are Dying Off

According to government data issued Friday, in March, the U.S. economy added 216,000 jobs and the unemployment rate fell to 8.8 percent. With the jump in private payrolls, the labor market has started to rebound, many economists assert. Nonetheless, there are industries that continue to suffer and are projected to perform poorly. A recently released […]