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8 Best ways to save money on your New Year celebration

Even after parting with a lot of money after your Christmas celebration, you are still left with your New Year’s celebration. Throwing a party or planning an outing to celebrate your Christmas can be quite harmful to your budget. However, you can prevent such a situation and celebrate your New Year’s Eve without spending much. This article provides you with some best ways that you can use in order to save money for your New Year celebration.

Ways to save money on your New Year celebration

Here are some tips you can follow in order to save money on your New Year celebration.

1. Shop secondhand – Though it may sound too frugal, yet shopping secondhand can help you save a lot of money. Shop from thrift stores, flea markets or garage sales, you can often purchase things that are worth your money. Even if you can afford to shop in other places, make sure you avoid it to prevent yourself from wasting your money.

2. Homemade gifts for New Year – You can save money if you go for homemade gifts this year. Purchasing gifts can be quite costly, so if you have enough time to make your own homemade gifts, go for them and save some cash. It can be fun to gather all your family members and make homemade crafts, woodcrafts, paper cards as well as homemade wrappings to gift your near and dear ones.

3. Throw your own party – Hosting your own party at home can save you more money than going out to celebrate your New Year’s Eve. However, make sure that you prepare for the party in a frugal way. Create your own decorations and buy party supplies in bulk as this may help you cut down the cost of your New Year’s party celebration.

4. Avoid the bar – May be some of your friends may decide to go to the club or restaurant at New Year’s Eve. So if your friends suggest you to go to the bar, offer them to come to your home and have their drink. This way you can save money on your admission fees as well as your drinks.

5. Do your research – Make sure that you do your research on various restaurants before you go out to celebrate your New Years Eve. Go through the newspapers, street ads, club or restaurants that may charge a lesser fee. You may find that some restaurants may ask you for a flat fee that may include an appetizer, entrée dessert and drinks. Thus, opt for such restaurants as they can help you cut down your New Year celebration cost considerably.

6. Throw a kid’s party at home – Host a party for your kids at home. This will not only save you money but will also help you to keep your teenaged children from getting into trouble. In order to keep your teens have fun on their New Year’s Eve, you can arrange for at-home makeovers, pedicures and manicures or junk food fest.

7. Celebrating frugally – Various towns or cities organize firework shows for New Year’s Eve. So, check out if your area arranges for such a show. In case it does, you can plan a low cost friendly family New Year’s celebration there. You can also prepare a small family movie night at home. Choose a particular genre of movies and you can enjoy a cost effective new year’s eve with your family.

8. Stay local – Stay local and you can save money on your travel expenses on your New Year’s Eve. Find out what your local hotel can offer you. This way you can save money as well as have a small outing. There are many local hotels that may offer you discounts to celebrate your New Year’s Night. Go through the newspapers or search online to find out the most happening place in your area and go for an outing there. Thus, you can easily have a little outing while saving yourself a lot of cash.

Apart from the tips mentioned above, you can also save money on your new year’s celebration by creating a budget and pledging to stay within the budget. You can also save money on your New Year’s shopping by using special offers provided to you by the various retailers. Thus, follow the tips mentioned above and enjoy your New Year’s celebration enormously while saving your money.

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