Friday, October 20th, 2017

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Americans May Be Sharing Too Much on Social-Media Sites

There's nothing wrong with having an internet presence – a recent survey by software company AVG found that 81 percent of kids under 2 already have some kind of online profile. But people may be going too far when it comes to sharing personal information on the web.

Half of the 1,000 Americans surveyed recently by LexisNexis and Lawyers.com have seen someone divulge too much personal data online. And 44 percent are worried that the information they post on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn or MySpace is being used against them.

But, the poll found, 28 percent of people still put personal data on the web with no qualms about where it could end up.

"Nearly every week," LexisNexis vice president Carol Eversen said, "we hear about the negative consequences resulting from inappropriate disclosures and uses of personal information on social networking sites.

"However, the data suggests that Americans are not taking the necessary steps to protect themselves."

People concerned for their status at the office should be especially careful about having a web presence. Forty percent of the survey respondents said they could lose their jobs as a result of information they'd posted online.

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