Friday, November 17th, 2017

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Americans Want Oprah, Obama as Their Bosses

Oprah is the boss most people would want to have.Oprah Winfrey narrowly beats out President Barack Obama as the boss most people would like to have.

Adecco Group, a Swiss human resources company, commissioned a poll last month of 1,000 American adults and found that Oprah was the celebrity under whom people would most want to work. Thirty-seven percent of survey respondents said they'd like to be Oprah's employee; 34 percent said the same of the president.

Adecco ran the poll to celebrate National Boss Day, which takes place October 16 – but it found that American workers aren't always smitten with their bosses. There appears to be a disconnect between the way employees see bosses and the way bosses see themselves: Twenty-three percent of workers, for example, said their boss was "commanding," while just 15 percent of managers described their style that way.

And 29 percent of bosses said they were great coaches – a sentiment shared by only 20 percent of their underlings.

Still, the recession may have improved employee-boss relations. Nearly 80 percent of bosses feel closer to their employees than they did three years ago, and 61 percent of workers agree.

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