Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

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Best iPod Alarm Clock for Starting the Day Right

The traditional alarm clock buzzer is a sound so heinous that it can instantly put even the happiest person in a terrible mood. Rather than waking up to that sound every day, why not wake up to your favorite get up and get happy song? If you want the best iPod alarm clock to help start your day, check out these five leading products:

iHome iA100 Speaker Dock for iPod

Though it is pretty pricey, the iHome iA100 is a great iPod player and makes for a more pleasant early morning experience. Diehard Apple fans can rejoice as this item is compatible with iPods, iPhones and even iPads. The iHome+Sleep app prevents you from oversleeping while the iHome+Radio app tunes you in to your favorite station. This dock comes complete with Bluetooth capability, enhanced app functions that deliver sleep stats, and a stereo amplified system.  For more than a basic wake-up call, the iHome iA100 is a great choice.

iLuv Vibe

Heavy sleepers who need an extra kick in the pajama pants will love the iLuv Vibe. In addition to being a dock for your iPod, this product has a “bed shaker” that gently shakes your bed when your alarm goes off. This is a great alternative for those who have PTSD from their mothers busting through the door and flipping on the lights. No matter what you like to wake up to, the iLuv has you covered allowing you to choose from your iPod, favorite radio station or the basic buzz. If you still manage to run behind, the large LCD display will alert you to the time.

JBL On Time

If your MP3 player isn’t an iPod, but you’d still like to wake up to your music, the JBL On Time has a standard auxiliary jack that allows you to stream your music. Don’t worry iPod owners, your iPod will still connect easily. The wrap around speaker design delivers premium sound and an excellent listening experience. A bonus on this device is its compatibility with satellite radio receivers. This allows XM subscribers to customize what plays on their MP3 dock even more.

Philips AJ300D Clock Radio with iPod/GoGear Dock

This dock also features the traditional alarm tone. In this case, the longer your let the alarm go, the louder it gets. This is a great option for those who have developed immunity to the alarm sound, or have blasted out their hearing from heavy iPod use. In addition to the enhanced alarm feature, this device functions as a regular speaker set for you iPod. It allows you to listen to your music library and even the audio from videos you have stored on your iPod.

JVC Kaboom System for ipod

This device is a nod to the old school boom box with modern flair. Not only does it function as an alarm clock and iPod player, it can be unplugged from the wall and powered by batteries for a portable sound. Again you are given the choice between the classic alarm and selecting a song from your music library. A locking mechanism keeps your iPod securely docked, so you don’t have to worry about it coming loose. Just don’t take a cue from the 80s and walk around with this player bumping on your shoulder. That’s still out of style.

Whether it’s work or a specific appointment, waking up on time is essential for starting the day out right. It is also essential that if you’re sensitive to the buzz of an alarm clock that you choose something that will put you in the mood to be productive. Whether you need to be shocked, buzzed or softly stirred from sleep, any of the above mentioned products are sure to put a positive spin on your old alarm clock.

Katie Campbell is an Electronics Expert for Bestcovery.com where she seeks to discover the best of everything. She’s learned that the real enemy of waking up on time is the snooze button. Always use the snooze responsibly. It will keep you on schedule and on time.

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3 Responses to Best iPod Alarm Clock for Starting the Day Right

  1. Dan says:

    Another great way to wake up is with the MultiSnooze iPhone App. Check it out at multisnooze.com. It allows you to press the snooze button multiple times right up front so that you don’t have to be interrupted every 9 minutes only to tap the snooze button again. It’s peace of mind.

  2. Katie Campbell says:

    Thanks for the tip, Dan!

    Although, wouldn’t it just be easier to set your alarm for 9, 18, 27 or even 36 minutes later? 😉 I think everybody, even the naturally early risers, has a day or two where they just don’t want to get up. I guess whatever works, works!

  3. Marisa says:

    These re great alternatives to traditional alarms. I specially like the iLuv Vibe since I DID suffer as a child and until recently from the way my mother walks into my room screaming to wake me up. I am thinking the iLuv Vibe may be a bit too delicate for my fiance though. He seems like more of a ‘Philips AJ300D Clock Radio with iPod/GoGear Dock’ person.

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