Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

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Look Professional For Your Job Interview

(U-WIRE) TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Just as soon as you take off your cap and gown, the need to find the perfect interview garb presents itself. Employers have about 15 minutes to decide if you will be a good addition to their working team, so you only have one chance to prove yourself. As is the case with many things in life, a first impression is long lasting. Seeing that your appearance will be the very first impression, what you wear is as important as researching the company before interviewing.

I wouldn’t advise a man to go to an interview without wearing a suit, but if you don’t have one, make sure to pair a cleanly ironed dress shirt with a plain colored, non-distracting tie. A leather belt that matches your shoes is a must, and sneakers or heavily scuffed shoes will definitely take you out of the running. Keep in mind, though, that if wearing a suit to work is required, you should wear a suit; if the job attire is casual, wear one anyway. A clean-cut, well-fitted suit is the definitive look of a classy and professional man.

For the ladies, I would recommend a pants or skirt suit. Labels like Max Studio offer jackets that interchange with either a skirt or pants. Avoid wool so you don’t sweat up a storm, and stay far from linen because it wrinkles easily. Underneath the jacket, button up a white cotton or cotton blend dress shirt. However, once you land the job, a T-shirt or sleeveless turtleneck will keep you feeling cool and looking cool in the office.

For the first interview, leave the bright colors home and opt for something dark and soft, like black, a warm brown or blue. Keep your necklines high, and your skirt hems low. Stay clear of open-toed or sling shoes. Try a comfortable pump instead.

Don’t over accessorize; one ring or none, and just a simple necklace. If you have unmanageable hair or if you sometimes find yourself playing with it nervously, pull it back away from your face. Your entire appearance should be serious and professional, with just a hint of style.

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