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Blogging for Money

Blogging is far from new. Millions of people regularly log on to share their rants with anyone who will listen. Among the vast amount of bloggers, two young men stand above the rest. They have turned blogging into a profession—a profession with a $90,000 annual income.

David Wilkinson was twelve years old when he started blogging. In the beginning he simply wanted to share his thoughts on technology. But once he discovered he could make money, he became even more engrossed in blogging and Internet marketing. In the past two years, David has blogged onTechzi.com and developed quite a reputation online. Next year, he plans to teach large businesses how to train their marketing staff in the art and science of selling with his site AlphaShadow.com. He will also be offering at home study courses for individuals interested in making money online at AffiliateDefined.com.

Eighteen-year-old Ahson Rafiq was not always a successful blogger. He started getting serious about blogging because he needed the money to support himself and his mother, and to fund his future.  After flipping a website for four figures (a process of developing a website then selling it for a profit), he started Blueverse.com. As his passion grew, so did his success. Ahson hopes to top the blogging list, and be considered an authority of making money online. He also started designing his own urban clothing line and skateboarding brand at Gurilla.net.

Making money through blogging is not advanced calculus. However, there is no guarantee of riches. Instead, blogging, like any other type of writing, is a learned craft that constantly evolves and takes time to develop. To help you learn how to make a buck blogging, we asked David and Ahson for some blogging basics. Who knows? Maybe you have what it takes to be a blogging master.

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Blog development

A blog, like any product, must be developed. The more time one puts into their blog, the more they’ll get out of it. First, choose what you are going to blog about. Ahson says, “Pick a niche you’re passionate about.” When choosing a topic, pick something you will enjoy writing about a couple of times a week. Many seasoned bloggers warn against blogging about too many different subjects in one blog—it can get distracting and turn readers away.

Pour personality into it
The most successful and likable blogs are personable. Your blog should convey your personality. This means that what you blog about should sound like it is coming from you, not a stiff textbook or other blog. David says, “I have a tremendously different style (albeit a quirky one) which people can’t get by browsing the big corporate blogs.” His unique voice is why he has gained such a large readership across the Internet. 

 While investing your style into your blog, be sure not to focus too much on yourself, but instead the topic of choice. People who don’t know you don’t want to read about your life, or lack of one.

Content is king
No matter how cool your blog name or layout is, if the content stinks, then everything else will too. Content is what attracts and keeps readers. Therefore, it is essential to do research on your chosen topic and write in a professional manner. The reader shouldn’t be able to tell if you’re a freshman in high school or a PhD candidate. Recycling other people’s content or purchasing content will not be beneficial for you or your blog in the long run.

Blogs flourish when content is updated and unique. Many new bloggers start off strong, but then die down. David admits, “The key mistake that I made was publishing them [blog articles] all at once.” He also advises, “Timestamp them [blog articles] so they’re posted on specific dates in the future, so that on days when perhaps you can’t get online, you don’t go from 3 or 4 posts a day to zero the next.”

Show Me the Money

Once your blog is developed and has a modest readership, then it is time to monetize. There are several different options when it comes to the monetization of your blog: companies that pay you to write a specific post (Payperpost.com, Smorty.com), affiliate programs (programs that let you earn a percentage of any product you sell through links on your website, such as CJ.com and Linkshare.com), and advertisements.  Ads can come from a large company, such as Google.com/adsense or can come from smaller personal ads that people purchase directly from you.

Do not expect to have tons of readers or a big paycheck the first few weeks of blogging. David Wilkinson and Ahson Rafiq didn’t, but they did keep going and their hard work paid off. Visit David’s blog AffiliateDefined.com and Ahson’s blog Blueverse.com for blogging tips and inspiration.

David’s Top Blogging Tips:
1. Focus on your passions, and run with them for as long as you can.
2. Avoid burnout in the first few weeks, but get as many articles written as you can.
3. Build a relationship with your readers first and only then start monetizing your site.
4. If you can create your own product to sell, preferably digital, preferably informational, you can make a lot more money promoting it as opposed to placing Google AdSense on a website.

Ahson’s Top Blogging Tips:
1. Never, ever get a free subdomain hosted blog on sites like blogger.com.
2. Personal branding and that personal touch is what makes a blog successful from the get go.
3. Don’t quit high school/college to work online.
4. Work on your skills, whatever you’re good at, blogging is how you can make money off of it.

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