Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

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What is Your Ideal Job Based On Your Personality Type?

When you look for a job you probably take salary, location and chance for advancement into consideration. Most people don’t stop to consider that they should be choosing a career based on the type of person they are. You are going to spend a large part of your life at work—you should choose a career that is compatible with which personality you really are.

These personality types were developed by career psychologist John Holland, who identifies six general types of people. Here are some basic personality types and careers that go with them:

Realistic Personalities
If you are a realistic personality you are hands-on, practical and straightforward. No beating around the bush for you!
• Civil Engineers
• Surveyors
• Computer Support Specialists
• Electrician
• Orthodontist

Investigative Personalities
You question any idea that doesn’t have cold, hard facts behind it. You spend time gathering information before you take action, or make a decision. You investigators are scientific, intellectual and analytical.
• Computer Software Engineer and Developers
• Anesthesiologists
• Doctors (Family and General Practitioners)
• Professor
• Librarian
• Veterinarian

Artistic Personalities

Not only are artistic people creative and imaginative, they are also great problem solvers. They bring another way of looking at something. Artistic people are intuitive.
• Multi-Media Artists
• Art, Drama, and Music Teachers, Postsecondary
• Architects
• Editor
• Graphic Designer
• Director
• Producer

Social Personalities
Team players these people are “helpers.” They are patient, empathic and generous.
• Registered Nurses
• Health Specialties Teachers, Postsecondary
• Physical Therapists
• Psychologist
• Mediator
• Social Worker

Enterprising Personalities
These are big picture people, born leaders. These extroverts are competitive and energetic.
• Securities, Commodities, and Financial Services Sales Agents
• Financial Managers
• Computer and Information Systems Managers
• Sales Manager
• Sales Representative
• CEOs

Conventional Personalities
These are the detail keepers. Without the Conventional personalities nothing would really get done. They are orderly, careful and efficient.
• Accountants and Auditors
• Financial Analysts
• Cost Estimators
• Actuary
• Technical Writer
• Building Inspector

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