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What Job Allows You To Give the Gift of Life?

Infertility affects nearly 15% of all couples trying to conceive, and it is a growing problem. 

 The causes of infertility are many (and controversial), but credible evidence points to several factors that help explain why infertility has become not only an increasing problem, but a booming business.   

• Age is a critical factor: women over 35 face significantly reduced levels of fertility. 
• Pre-existing health conditions such as endometriosis and “unexplained factors” make fertility a wide-spread, and perplexing, condition.

A decline in fertility is to be expected just from one simple demographic factor: the age of women entering their first marriage increased dramatically in the U.S. just within the past generation (from 20.8 in 1970 to 26 in 2006).  While studies show that age does not impair fertility until the age of 35, the delaying of marriage means that many more women begin to think about conception at a later date.

Infertility is emotionally devastating

Fertility Miracles, in Beverly Hills, California, helps individuals and couples from around the world get pregnant, pure and simple.  In most cases, these recipients have tried the needed initial steps toward fertility: time spent “working” on the problem; physical and diagnostic tests by a physician; and even a course of pharmaceuticals that can aid in conception.

By the time an intended parent reaches out to us or other fertility providers, they are ready to take the next step of receiving egg donation or obtaining a surrogate.  Importantly, Fertility Miracles isn’t a “clinic,” but rather an “Egg Donation and Surrogacy Program” where they find the solutions that lead to the medical procedures performed at a fertility clinic.

A career in fertility

After graduating college with a business degree and working at an unrewarding job in the mortgage field, I entered in the fertility business, which provided not only financial security, but a rewarding self purpose.

Starting off in the business and marketing departments, I quickly discovered that I enjoyed being with the intended parents and learning about their journeys that brought them to Fertility Miracles and their need for egg donors, surrogates, or both.  With our trained medical staff, I learned about the different treatment options available to singles and couples, cycle calendars, and state-of-the-art medical diagnostic tools.

The work is challenging, emotionally and intellectually, but the payoff is immense.  Not only am I in a growing business in a growing industry, but I am finding a giant emotional payoff from my job. 

Not every client gets pregnant, of course, but every client gets the best opportunity to achieve pregnancy from our efforts and when they do, it is a lottery win for all.

Even if you don’t want to go into the fertility industry as a career, there are significant money-making opportunities for women: as egg donors and surrogates.

How to Make Money as an Egg Donor or Surrogate

Our company has very strict protocols on egg donors and especially surrogates: the physical exams are rigorous and the entire vetting process is beyond comprehensive.  Surrogate and donor applicants can be disqualified for any numbers of factors: age, drug use, medical history, and genetic background. 

But for those who make the cut, the rewards are significant.  Not only do egg donors begin their compensation at $6,500, they do so with the knowledge that their contributions are helping a lucky individual or couple fulfill their dreams of becoming a parent.  Surrogates are even more highly rewarded for their uncommon devotion to helping others: a typical surrogate has the ability to earn up to $30,000 for their services.

The fertility industry isn’t the best outlet for entrepreneurs (the expertise needed to start a company is daunting), but for those seeking a stable job with maximum emotional fulfillment, it’s an excellent field to enter.  And if you are a woman who can meet the high standards set by companies like mine, you can earn gigantic emotional satisfaction without even leaving your own career or school, by being a donor or participating as a surrogate.

Elena Dumitriu is the Director of Marketing and International Relations at Fertility Miracles.

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    Thanks for this. I saw an article and thought it was nuts but you have done a terrific job at pointing that out.

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