Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

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Career coach advises college students to register with LinkedIn

College students ought to establish accounts on LinkedIn, a career counselor advises.Popular professional networking website LinkedIn is a perfectly suitable resource for the unexperienced, green-behind-the-ears job hunter.

In other words, college students can capitalize on use of the growing network, according to the column of a career coach that was printed on U.S. News & World Report. Though some users with minimal experience might be disinclined to use the Mountain View, California-based company’s website, many perks are at play.

“Joining early, learning how LinkedIn works, and connecting with professional contacts throughout your college career will help you later,” Miriam Salpeter writes. “You may have a work-study or part-time job, enjoy a good relationship with your supervisor, but not want to be friends on Facebook. What better way to connect and stay in touch than LinkedIn?”

And even the powers-that-be at LinkedIn know this as they claim about 200,000 college students join every month. The resource also has a portal earmarked for students.

“In a transient environment, when people do not always stay in one job very long, connecting via LinkedIn helps you keep track of contacts who might serve as references or refer you to opportunities later,” her column states.

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