Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

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Cocktails at Lunch, Drunk At Work?

Often in your career you will find yourself at a business lunch. This lunch might be one of the following:

1. Casual but with a Co-Worker
2. Business meeting with Co-Worker
3. Inter-company client meeting
4. Inter-company vendor meeting

When is it appropriate to have a couple of beers? This question comes up from time to time from emailers to youngmoney @ youngmoney.com.

It depends. At least here in the USA, it depends. Some very successful people drink every day at lunch. Not necessarily to excess but they have two or three drinks at lunch. Some might call that excess. Others would even call it alcoholism. One question is whether it impairs upon the ability to perform. For some it might improve their ability to interact with others. Certainly, anyone operating equipment should not drink. That includes driving, machinery or the like.

If you watch the show MadMen you know that at one time it was acceptable to drink in the office. It seems like the country is becoming even more puritanical, not less. Should we bring back the 1960s?

What do you think. Do you drink at lunch?

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One Response to Cocktails at Lunch, Drunk At Work?

  1. James Bond says:

    I’m drunk right now at work.

    Just kidding.

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