Monday, October 16th, 2017

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Employers Open to Salary Negotiations

Employers may be willing to discuss salary increases with new hires.Young people just joining the workforce may have more negotiating power than they think, a new CareerBuilder survey shows.

The jobs site polled 2,400 hiring managers and learned that more than half – 51 percent – would be open to salary negotiations with new hires. New employees may have even more bargaining power than current employers, the survey indicates: Just 31 percent of the hiring professionals said they would be willing to negotiate salary increases with current employees.

The findings, CareerBuilder vice president of human resources Rosemary Haefner said, suggest that the country's employment situation may be looking up, "The willingness to negotiate better deals with current and potential employees is a positive indicator for the employment recovery," she noted.

Lending support to her assertion are the unemployment claims figures released November 10. In the week ended November 6, 435,000 new claims were made – significantly less than the 459,000 made in the previous week.

CareerBuilder suggests that people in a position to negotiate learn what the average salary is in their field and sell themselves aggressively. Quantifying past job results is also a winning strategy, the site says.

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