Monday, August 31st, 2015

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Entrepreneur Suggests Current Economy Presents Opportunity for Innovation

Stephen Martin, an entrepreneur and author, writes in Tech Crunch that the current economy presents a unique challenge to budding entrepreneurs. Nowadays, the news is saturated with stories about people losing their jobs and the overall economic malaise that has gripped the U.S. However, one entrepreneur suggests looking at this period of time as a reset, imploring others to look for ways to start new businesses as consumer's spending habits change and barriers to entry are removed through the Internet.

Stephen Martin, an entrepreneur and author, writes in Tech Crunch that this reset that the global economy is currently undergoing presents a unique challenge to budding entrepreneurs. During recessions, there are shifts in "values, economic tastes and preferences, business structures and industries," he writes, affirming that they help "make way for new business leaders and innovations."

Ultimately, these resets are responsible for business opportunities. Martin asserts that this reset is occurring during a time when tools of commerce are universally available thanks to the Internet. Martin declares that formerly important attributes like education and the "right" upbringing matter little, but rather "individual strengths, passions and expertise" are the only "distinguishing factors remaining in an individual's or business' success."

The so-called "Great Recession" of the past few years has brought about an entirely new kind of entrepreneur, Martin argues, one that relies on an individual's strengths. Martin contends that to achieve success, modern entrepreneurs must rewrite the rule book, viewing business "through a new lens" to achieve success. 

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