Friday, October 20th, 2017

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Executives More Inclined to Hire

Hiring may expand in the coming quarters, a recent poll indicates.The nation's largest companies may be hiring more workers in the near future, a recent survey of CEOs shows.

Vistage International, a company that offers educational programs and networking opportunities to executives, reported earlier this month that CEOs are bullish on hiring.

Forty-six percent of the execs Vistage polled in September said their companies would hire more workers in the coming quarters. That's better than a year ago, when 39 percent of CEOs indicated that their firms planned to take on new employees.

Corporate hiring plans aren't as robust as they were before the recession, Vistage warned. The company chalked the still-tepid jobs outlook to economic uncertainty; "concerns about the costs of new healthcare regulations" are also to blame.

Indeed, 57 percent of the CEOs Vistage surveyed said they expected the cost of providing health coverage to their employees to rise by at least 10 percent.

Yet, while the economic picture isn't as rosy as it was before the recession began, things may – slowly – be looking up. The execs Vistage surveyed said they were optimistic that their sales and revenues would increase in the near future.

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