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Get Fired and Still Qualify for Unemployment

There is nothing worse then feeling stuck in a sucky job that drives you crazy; except of course, quitting the horrible job and ending up with nothing for your pain and efforts. What can you do to make sure that you don’t get the short end of the sucky job stick? Don’t quit, get fired. Or, better yet, get laid off.

Of course there will be people, like your mother, who will insist that it is better to a) stick it out even if it is slowly crushing your soul like an ant beneath a boot heel or b) quit, so you don’t have a black mark on your record.

However, if you quit, you won’t be eligible for unemployment, especially not now with so many people who actually need help. In fact, in an economy like this one, you should be extremely unhappy and unable to take your current job for one more second before you even think about quitting or getting fired.  Quitting any job right now will no doubt have family and friends calling you a selfish idiot, and they might not be wrong.

If you can get laid off then you can definitely receive unemployment benefits. If you get fired for misconduct or disciplinary measures then your unemployment might be denied. However, no matter what you get fired for, you should still try filing for unemployment.

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Getting fired without cause

This means that there was no reason for you to be fired. That there is no company written rule for the reason you were fired and that you didn’t receive adequate written warnings. However, this often doesn’t apply for at-will employees.
At-will employees
An at-will employee can be fired at any time, for any reason (except discrimination or a hostile work environment). If the employer decides to let you go, that’s it. Every state, except Montana, employers may adopt an at-will employment policy.

Things you can get fired for and definitely receive unemployment

1. You were fired for being unable to perform the job. If you were not a good fit for the job, and your previous employer is willing to state that, then you can get unemployment insurance.
2. You can prove that it was a hostile work environment. You cannot be fired for complaining about being harassed or discriminated against. You can’t be fired for reporting or complaining about illegal activity or about health and safety violations. You cannot be fired for taking family and medical leave, taking leave to serve in the military, or to taking time off work to vote or serve on a jury. If you are fired for one of these reasons you should contact a lawyer.
3. You can prove you were discriminated against. You can’t be fired because of your race, religion or gender. If you feel that you were discriminated against, call a lawyer.

Ways to subtly be “let go”

The idea here is to make your workplace more uncomfortable when you’re there without alerting your employer that you are doing it on purpose.

  • You can be subtly and sarcastically mean or cranky.
  • Pretend that you don’t know how to do something. This works especially well if you are asked to do something new.
  • Do just enough to scrape by.
  • Work very, very slowly.
  • Spend time forwarding “funny” emails.
  • Treat work as your personal social club.
  • Be constantly upset, angry, or depressed; anything but happy
  • Have a lot of ongoing personal problems.

Things to watch out for

  • Talk about religion, disabilities or anything else that would make someone afraid to fire you because of the possibility of a law suit.
  • Consistently show up late and leave early.
  • Search porn at work, or other potentially “blocked” websites.

Again, it’s a good idea to keep your job, no matter how much you dislike it, during times of high unemployment.

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63 Responses to Get Fired and Still Qualify for Unemployment

  1. MKH0311 says:

    I hate my job. I get ill at the prospect of going. My boss is generous, and most of my clients are decent, but my coworkers make life unbearable. However, I have decided to withstand all of these personal difficulties long enough to build myself a perpetual income through investment. I hope this takes only five more years, but I am prepared to spend ten if necessary.

  2. Dam says:

    I am shocked that this type of advice is being given especially in a Young Money Newsletter. Rather than teaching strong work ethic THIS is what you are encouraging young workers? I have lost a lot of respect for Young Money after this article.

  3. Been there. says:

    This has nothing to do with work ethic. It is all about being miserable in a position that you accepted in good faith, turning down other opportunities, and finding yourself in a difficult situation. Some company employees are toxic and because they have been there longer than you – your life will be made miserable. Staying there does not equal dedication but stupidity.

  4. Scott says:

    I had to go to the doctor for Prozac for depression from my job, I believe my employer is mentally ill and sadistic. I take pride in my work and have had my will broken on more then one occasion for no good reason and I believe it is my employer that does not have the proper ethics.

  5. Margie says:

    I am like Dam I can not believe there is a site that is saying this. I’m sure that at your job there are those people who work hard everyday and do their job. Sure seems unfair to those when someone is causing the work environment to be uncomfortable because they are too lazy and disappointed in their own life to take responsibility for their self. To get yourself fired for being lazy!!!!! Does anyone like their Job.

  6. Missy says:

    I recently got fired because my boss did not like me. His boss’s where talking to me about taking his job and I am pretty sure that is why he got rid of me. But after the fact I heard he is telling everyone I was stealing, which is not true. But now I am worried about getting my unemployment, what can I do?

  7. Richard says:

    Missy, I do not know much about law but I think if your boss is truely lying about you stealing I think you could possibly sue him for something called defamation or slander?

    My story is I’ve been working at this job. Just recently they started sending me out of town where I have to drive long distances with my own fuel money. I don’t get paid by the hour but rather by commission and I’m hardly making any money for my time.

    The reason we need articles like this is not because people have poor work ethic but because employers will try to force you to quit now instead of firing you and having to pay unemployment.

  8. Sherry says:

    I am not mad at this site…I can relate. After working a year to advance to the next level of management and taking a pay cut to forfill my professional career map with AVP that will consist of becoming salary within 3-4 months. Now it has been a year and a half later after 14 people that I have trained been promoated into the position I was to fill. Had to take FMLA because of the results I had to experiance and now on FMLA again to find that 2 other people I trained has been promoated. Tell me how you would stomack this type of treatment. Do the work and do not get the title and pay only to keep getting a pat on the back and there is nothing needed to be improved it will happen. Yea, a decade after making them rich and I file bankruptcy.

  9. Maria says:

    Can you be fired for not going to work in a snow storm? We were told if we did not show up for work we would be fired. We work in an assisted living facility and I know everyone is needed but do we risk our lives?

  10. gwilliams says:

    I graduated from college with honors in 1976. I looked for four years for a job suited for my educational level. However, I got a clerical job with the New York State Department of Taxation which I hated. I did everything to sabotage that job. I came to work late. Screwed up the files and further screwed up the work. I did not care at all. I also stayed out sick a lot. Alas, I did not get fired. I subsequently got promoted to supervisor and I still did not care about the job. I thought the people were stupid and I treated them as such. I still did not get fired at all.

  11. rena says:

    Recently I was fired from my job for working off the clock. I worked in the fast food industry as a manager. I take pride in my work and try yo do my best at it. In the past I have observed many employees being asked to work off the clock and have observed people who don;t work for the company work in the store cleaning and painting per store manager instructions. I am trying to get my unemployment and they are fighting me. Help what can I do to help the determination to be in my favor.

  12. Me. says:

    Wow you really suck at life.

  13. shame says:

    Shame on you for writing such a disgusting article. Essentially you are instructing people on how to be a welfare cheat. As an employer I am sick and tired of paying hard earned tax dollars over to lazy people that try to get fired. Also as a minority I find it terrible that you instruct people to talk about “religion and race” so that they will be afraid to fire you. Guess thats why many employers are also afraid to hire US.
    you losers

  14. Glad says:

    If you are fired for ANYTHING TO DO with questionable sick days and medical concerns, and are deemed ineligible for unemployment, always APPEAL . I won. I made some poor choices concerning sick days but was on heavy hormones, had uterine fibroid, perimenopause. Got off hormones and IUD too late, but judge took my side. I had previously worked for years, OT and weekends. Was not a slacker.

  15. Glad says:

    Rena, I hope that your case is going well. Any evidence that you can provide that would suggest that the business would not go so well if you did not work off of the clock, that their expectations were not realistic – that would be helpful. The biggest aspect of an appeals judgment for me was “was it misconduct”. Best of luck…

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  17. Ryan says:

    This article is pretty ridiculous! I cannot believe they are giving people advice on how to get fired on purpose and collect unemployment! What kind of ethics are we teaching here? I currently have an employee who is trying to do the same. Purposely showing up late to work, calling off, etc., just so he can get fired and collect unemployment. This is aggravating.

  18. Mike says:

    I’ve seen it said here before. You Take a job in good faith and then the employer jerks yor chain, changes your job responsibilities, adjusts your compensation and generally sucks. You turned down other stuff to take the job so you’re trapped. I consider lying to me during the interview justifies my sandbagging the work and trying to get fired. You need to give me more than a paycheck to get any loyalty. You need to keep your word.

  19. Jolie Johnson says:

    I can relate. After working at a company where I am a territory sales rep. I find myself getting consistantly getting poor reviews, even though I am exceeding my goals. I ask the Sales cooridinator am I paranoid or does this not seem right. She says jokingly, No they are out to get you.

    Next week sure enough a bad review regardless of meeing my quarterly goals in a bad economy, and having a good attitude at work. They set impossible test situations for to measure my success, and so then I can never win. Isn’t the job of a salesperson to sell. Now I am on a 90 day time span, and they are going to do another official review??? I have even been called into HR for my zipper being down. Don’t you usually just tell someone. It is not like an everyday thing, that I walk around with my zipper down.

    Most of the departments do not get along, although I get along with all of them. This does not make my management happy. Plus I have to hear stories about renting wives when the big boys are out of town, during my attendance required goal luncheons. They seem to think I am not busy, but if this is so then how am I making my goals. It is a good old boy network. You must be young, thin and cute, or have the right gender going for you.

    I am about to have a breakdown. Crying at work after being called to the carpet on things that I think are not material as long as I am selling. On benzos from my doctor just to get through the day. I will make my own raise with my sales, but a little appreciation goes a long way. Again I am not paranoid, they are out to get me. By the way the only positive thing they said on my review is that I make very little mistakes. Okay so I sell more then expected and I make few mistakes. Does anyone want a hard working salesperson, who likes to get along with people, and makes very few mistakes….

  20. Katy says:

    If I was previously suspended from my job for three days, and then I am fired months later for a different reason, will I still qualify for Unemployment Insurance?

  21. Tracy Semones says:

    I was hurt on the job and had surgery when i went back they said they no longer had a job for me in the automotive plant that has about 5000 people working there.now there hiring alot of temporaries.when i applied for unemployment i was told i dont qualify.who could help me with advise. I was let go at know fault of my own after 14 yrs of service.

  22. ryan g says:

    im a 911 dispatcher for a police dept/i was once written up 8 times in one day, well they were each written up on different dates but given to me all at once out of know where, and i thought , geez, i dont even get a warning about what ive done wrong to learn from that, and here i am getting it all at once in my butt, ive done kitchen designs for 26 yrs and to just start being a 911 dispatcher and to learn the cad system and try to dispatch for the messed up people in this town i work at, is impossible to learn anything in 7 months that ive worked there. Then tonight i get called into the office of my 911 director and she tells me that i havent met up with the expectations and that im still messing up on what i originally got written up for in the first place, which i still dont know what it was..i never got a copy of my write ups for one, which i know you have to have one, plus, i thought your suppose to get a warning about what you messed up on and get taught that again, and then you will get a write up..then my boss tells me that the 3 new poeple she hired has picked up the dispatching must faster than me and that they just started within this month, and also the other employees are saying that i messed up on some leads work as well, which everyone that i have worked with has been telling me that ive been doing really well. and here is my boss telling me that everyone is complaining about me messing up, and yet i have nothing in writing or any write ups from my supervisor stating this, and i told my boss, that was a lie and i dont believe it, and she then told me , “dont you see why you havent dispatch yet after 7 months with us,?” and i said no, cause noone has told me anything of why i havent dispatch yet, especially my supervisor and you my boss.. she then tells me cause i havent learned anything yet, and i said well, are you then telling me that im stupid now, and she says well your the one making that comment, not me. and i said, no you tell me the truth, and then she states if thats how you wana put it, ya and i exploded, and stood up and said the only reason your firing me is because you just hired 3 new people for a cheaper pay rate and now you wana get rid of me now. i think im going to sue them for discriminating me and assulting me. if theres any attorney reading this, do i have a case.

  23. larisa says:

    Iam going on a missionary trip for 2 weeks and iam a waitress so it is impossible to get the days off for work. I hardly doubt my manager will give me the days off. If i dont show up & they fire me for it will i still get unemployment? HELP!

  24. Larry Winget, author People Are Idiots and I Can Prove It says:

    This is without a doubt the most disgusting article I have ever read in my life. You don’t love your job so let your employer put up with your bad attitude and shoddy work until they fire you before you wreck their business, hurt customers and infect other employees with your lack of respect and responsibility. All so the rest of us can foot the bill for your sorry butt. The author and this website should be ashamed.

  25. Deann says:

    This is disgusting. Sure it is rought to be in an unfulfilling job but suck it up! At least you have a job.

  26. bella12384 says:

    Appalling. I will remember the author’s name and will be sure to avoid hiring her in the future. Why not focus on finding the right place to build a great career, rather than to look for a way to mooch off society? Why does your employer “owe” you unemployment? If you are not happy, quit. The employer was good enough to compensate you for a job that they needed done- you should be grateful…..

  27. Therese says:

    It is unbelievable that not only someone would write an article like this but also that someone would publish it! No one is owed anything in this world. You have to be committed to work for it. Teaching folks how to take from instead of give to is preposterous!

  28. Dave says:

    I can honestly say, I am shocked that anyone could and would write such nonsense, let alone get it published. I understand freedom of speach so don’t go there.
    If the intent of this article was to offer help or direction to those who have lost jobs and have tried but failed to find work, then you missed. If your intent was to offer advice on how to be a leach on society, well then you succeeded.
    If you dislike your present job, it is your right to leave. However find another job first. Have you ever noticed you find love when your not looking or you find a quarter on the ground when you have a pocket full of change. The same holds true for employment. When people are desperate, they make desperate decision and then want to blame the other person for their short comings.
    Why stoop to a lower level as to make yourself unhappy or depressed just to get fired? Go out find another job then give notice to your present employer and try to explain why things didn’t work out. If enough people that worked for the same person you worked for explained that for example- “The coffee in the office is terrible” and thats why they left. At some point (if the employer is half intelligent) they would change the coffee.
    My point being, work as if you are your own boss and have respect for yourself.
    It is your choice, become good at getting fired or hired. What is it going to be?

  29. Someone's Mother of a Successful Person says:

    Does it never occur to any of you that you take the job you’re qualified to get? That you get raises AFTER you’ve earned them. You work hard and move up after you’ve earned it?

    Didn’t anyone every tell you that no one “makes you feel” like anything. Your boss doesn’t depress you, YOU despress you.

    You’re a bunch of whining little babies that are completely unable to be responsible for yourself, your thoughts, or your actions.

    If you don’t like the deal you made, find another job. You disgust me and this is exactly why our country is in the sad shape it’s in. Sick and Sad.

  30. JC says:

    You too can be a worthless slob living off others!
    Wow, truly insipid advice.

  31. Traver says:

    @Ryan G – not only do you not have a case, you don’t even have a coherent sentence. 1) Stop blaming others for your poor performance. 2) Go back to school and improve yourself before you put another employer through that kind of agony. Nothing in your life will get better until YOU get better.

    This article is sickening. Don’t be a lazy a-hole. Work hard for what you want to achieve.

  32. Jim Bouchard says:

    Look folks, if you spent half the time and effort on finding a better job than you do trying to scam the system you’d have a corner office by now.

    If you’re not happy with your current job, quit. If you can’t afford to quit, stay there until you find something better. You should always be networking and looking for your next job no matter how satisfied or secure your current position anyway; there are always circumstances and conditions beyond your control and you need to be prepared.

    I’m not going to pull any punches here: It is selfish and irresponsible to purposely sabotage your performance to try and get laid off or fired. Your lack of dedication to personal excellence is something you will have to live with the rest of your life, and it can quite easily become a habit.

    Finding your passion is hard work. Finding the right job is hard work. Only a habit of hard work and personal excellence will get you there.

  33. Lee Wayne says:

    This is the most disgusting article I have read maybe EVER. Telling young people how to slack off, not care, do shoddy work, create personal problems, etc. all so they can get fired or laid off and still collect unemployment. Seriously disgusting!!

  34. Petey P says:

    You are all chock full of simplistic ideas. Stop overgeneralizing that EVERY single person in every single job is in the wrong JUST BECAUSE their employer says so. You cannot 100% attribute failure to not trying. It is not fair to those who try hard and fail. And as for unemployment, if we take it away from people, then I want to hear no complaints about getting mugged or otherwise being the victim of theft from anti-welfare people. If you are an anti-welfare person and you get mugged or robbed, serves you right for supporting a system that leaves people with no other option.

  35. JonnyBoy says:

    THIS WORKED FOR ME!! I was fired and got a “severence” check for keeping my mouth shut about how much my job DID suck.

  36. Embarassed for you says:

    I’m embarassed to see that anyone would put something like this in print. Why not print a tee-shirt saying, “I’M ENTITLED” on it and parade around talking about how everyone owes you. If you dislike your job, go find another – stop crying about it and expecting the state to take care of you. I

  37. Toko says:

    I have a high school Diploma supervisor who seems to blame me for not having gone to college because I have a Masters Degree. She has been working in this job for 7 years and is afraid of any educated person in the office. She demeans me, gives me demeaning tasks that do even fit in my job description, and the higher people are too busy to listen. I am desperately trying to get a way to be fired so that I can still get my unemployment but they will not fire me. This job is a nightmare. Can someone help me to get fired and still get my unemployment? My supervisor is the most terrifying, unreasonable monster in the world.

  38. Wilma says:

    I work at a bank and i have had a couple of differences. I was already worn by my manager about it so i don’t know what to do. should i quit or should i wait to get fired but if i do the there is a big chance of me ever getting a job at a bank again.

  39. marisol says:

    Look in my case i report a crime,”client abuse”The facility try to cover up,and i speak up,My life became hell after that.management keep trying to make me do things they know is illegal,and i keep turn them in.How can someone to treated like that to be doing their job.They trainee you,if you see a client abuse report,you report then they retaliate against you.

  40. Now Stay Home Mom says:

    I think this article is awesome! It is not easy to just find another job on this economy. Who are we kidding! I can totally relate to this article. My employer made my life a living hell because I had to take time off to take my babies to their docs appointments and because I had to leave one day because I was called from my son’s day care to come and pick him up. It was a family emergency. I did not purposely tried to get laid off. But, I continued to make it clear that my babies who are only 4 and 2, came first before a depressing job that did not care about family values. I got let go and happy I am to stay home and collect unemployment. I was treated so badly at this job for having to be responsible for my kids that I don’t even know if I want to risk losing my unemployment check to go back to another mean job that will treat me like crap and make my life a living hell, just for being a mother to my kids. Ah, I think I will pass this time and will stay home collecting unemployment for as long as I can! By the way, stop complaining about how you are footing my unemployment. As if you didnt know that unemployment is a insurance benefit that everybody who works pays for and is entitled to. It is not just free money. Do your research. This is not welfare. I LOVE this article. Actually, I had already came up with the idea myself. I just didn’t put it on writing and published it. Kuddos!

  41. Casey says:

    Work the system or it will work you.

  42. Monique Crawford says:

    OMG…I am miserable on this horrible ass job …I hate my boss ….I hate the participants…I hate everything about it…when I open my eyes in the morning they bleed because I know I have to be there…co saddd

  43. Jeff says:

    It’s amusing to read the responses to this article. Many of those calling it “sick” or “disgusting” admit to being employers themselves. Obviously this article is not for them.

    It’s not necessarily about mooching off the system. It’s about being able to support oneself after leaving your job. Correct me if I’m wrong but it’s pretty hard to get hired when you’re homeless and living on the streets. The system is not designed to be hospitable toward the employees; the employers hold all the cards. So go ahead and cry about your employees trying to squeeze a few cents out of you when they’re on the verge of getting the boot, it’ll be just like the employers who try to squeeze every cent out of their employees by finding cheaper labor and making excuses to not give out raises.

    Yes, we youth are awfully spoiled these days with our expectations. But where do you think we got them from?

  44. Truth says:

    Im with jeff, Were not newage slackers. Henry David Thoreau lived two hundred years ago and he so poeticly warned us about the greed machine that is capitalism while still in it’s infancy. There is no respect for the human experience anymore. everyone has a skill and if they had the chance to utilize that skill they would do it willingly without being forced. The problem is comming from the powers above not the suffering down below. Don’t you dare tell me how to live my life. I’ll live with principle you can merely idle by society

  45. Truth says:

    If you put in your time you should get unemployment regardless. What a slap in the face to suffer for years only to be tricked out of your lifeline when the inevitable happens. Most Corperations don’t want you to retire and that’s a fact. Every single day they take more and more. I don’t remember the last time that my employer did something for the hapiness of the employee. To you employers out there here’s a Thoreau quote for you- It is not our responsibility to go about the world ridding it of evil, but it is our responsibility to wipe our hands clean of it.

  46. Rich says:

    I agree with Jeff. All of these employers are out there crying about employees stealing their pennies. Well, how much are you screwing your employees? The only reason you hire someone is if they make you a PROFIT! and typically the bigger the better.

    Nowadays, everything is about the bottom line. Greed is the name of the game, squeeze the
    employee for every cent you can. Huge corporations have been swallowing mom and pop
    stores for several years, and destroying the ethics and values these businesses were founded on.

    How many employers even know your name, or even care? Do they buy you lunch?
    Care about your families? No, No, and NO. There are companies out there that make
    tens of thousands of dollars for every person they hire, and pay them like crap. I happen
    to work for one of these hell holes. So, employers, is it right to mooch off of your employees,
    rape and pillage them, then pay them a pittance of what they earn you? What’s that I hear,
    oh, you say it’s ok, When I’m taking advantage of the employee, but don’t let him dare take
    advantage of me.

    Also, most of us have families and other responsibilites, other than job hunting after just
    getting off of work. Most of us don’t have enough time as it is, so we need to have the time to find a suitable job. We’ve put in our slave labor, so we ought to be able to use it, as we are out looking for another suitable job to again enslave ourselves too. The problem, isn’t lazy people, the problem is heartless, greedy corporations that only care about the money, and to hell with the little guy.

    Just remember this, if it wasn’t for us little guys, you’re giant corporations would fold up like a deck of cards. Who do you think keeps you in business? You? LOL. Ever seen a strike, wonder why they have so much news coverage? Yea, that’s right because you want to scare us little guys into thinking that strikes are a bad idea. Keep us in our little cubicles, pull the wool over our eyes. Open your mind and eyes and see the truth.

  47. Mike says:

    I am very close of being fired…I was wondering can I be fired for a medical reason? In the last couple of months I have been seeing a dr. and he has filled out a fmla form for me, but my work won’t accept it because of not enough hours worked. Can I still get unemployment ins. even though I’ll get fired for attendance because of my medical problem?

  48. Babette says:

    Many thanks for posting this! I’ve been at my current job three weeks and LOATHE it, like wish I’d botched the interview loathe it. These tips will be put to constructive use, Teresa!

  49. Ernst Stavro Blofeld says:

    Vesper Martinis!

  50. I says:

    What do you mean bad time to be unemplaoyed? This is the best time to be unemplayed they are getting their benefits extended by Obama! I’ve been in the workforce paying taxes for years. I’ve paid for all the others collecting unemployment. Its only fair that its my turn!

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