Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

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Go Ahead and Google Me, I Have Nothing to Hide; Vizibility’s SearchMe Service Gives Job Seekers the Ability to Control Their Online Search Results

Vizibility's SearchMe tool allows job seekers to craft their search engine results page to their liking, enabling them to stand out in the application process.With the job market growing at a slow rate and private companies hesitant to hire new workers, job seekers should use every tool available to ensure their presence stands out in the applicant pool; Vizibility's SearchMe link is a tool that can separate you in a folder filled with near identical resumes.

Vizibility's SearchMe link is offered free on its Web site – www.Vizibility.com – and gives a job seeker the chance to control the search results that appear when his name is typed into a search engine, like Google. By giving users the ability to control the results that appear on their personalized results page – and in the order they prefer – sets them apart when they're applying for a job.

Once a job seeker has filled out the search results to his liking, he can then attach the SearchMe link to a variety of social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. A SearchMe link attached to one of those accounts helps "people stand out and be found," Vizibility chief executive James Alexander said. "It's hard to control what appears online, but with Vizibility you can create the perfect, most accurate search for yourself in minutes."

The SearchMe engine, moreover, can be adjusted easily if "you change jobs, get married, or have a new article published," Alexander asserted; these sorts of features help "make a killer first impression," as a job seeker's personal Google page can hold as many results about him as he wants – from 100 percent of results to the 12 percent average of Vizibility's users.

Human Resource managers and those charged with hiring new workers at businesses often Google potential job candidates names when shuffling through the stacks of resumes they have for open positions. Nonetheless, many of these potential job seekers lose an edge in the hiring process if they have a common name or the first pages of results do not produce any pertinent results.

Once someone clicks your SearchMe link, though, Vizibility's PreSearch technology shows only the results you have hand-selected, delivering supplemental information about you to that employer in a matter of seconds, ultimately giving you a leg up on the competition.

Over the next few months, Vizibility plans to roll out new services to help job seekers. The company is working to fully integrate its service into existing Web sites and is also developing a tool that will give users QR codes to put on business cards. 

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