Saturday, October 21st, 2017

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Harvard Business Review: Effective Managers Want to Influence Others

What kind of boss would or do you make? According to the Harvard Business Review, good managers need to feel comfortable influencing their workers. If you're looking to start your own company or you're currently managing employees at your workplace, you know how taxing it can be. While stories of the stereotypical bad boss are often recounted in offices, there's another kind of 'bad' boss that most people will have to work with – the boss who doesn't do what he needs to.

According to The Harvard Business Review, these kinds of managers are just as ineffective as the boss who barks orders at his workers. These managers neither provide guidance nor give direction to their employees; moreover; they are often distant, unapproachable and are loath to make difficult decisions.

One of the most important traits of a successful manager is the ability to influence others, especially the employees that work for him. If a manager is unwilling or unable to make the hard decisions that can rattle employees initially but are ultimately better for the company, the person is an ineffective manager.

In studies conducted by the Harvard Business School, researchers have found time and again that ineffective managers often think they must maintain harmony in the workplace and are afraid to upset personal relationships they have with their workers. However, instead of effectively leading and proactively influencing their workers, they are hurting efficiency and slowing growth.

Conversely, effective managers are sensitive to others, but behind all of their actions is the fundamental desire to effect change and influence their employees toward producing quality work that is in line with the company's expectations.

If you're wondering whether you would be an effective manager, you may want to ask yourself if you want to influence other people. Furthermore, you should ask yourself if you're ready and willing to influence others. If you can't or if the idea makes you uncomfortable, you could struggle as a boss.  

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