Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

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Harvard Chooses Entrepreneur to Lead New Innovation Lab

Though Bill Gates never graduated from Harvard, the school fostered his entrepreneurial spirit.Boasting the biggest endowment of any academic institution in the world, Harvard University is famed for its alumni and the innovative research that flows from its distinguished faculty. This week, Harvard chose an entrepreneur to head its a new lab at the school.

The Boston Herald reports that Gordon Jones will serve as the first director of Harvard’s Innovation Lab. Gordon, an entrepreneur in his own right, will oversee daily activities at the lab, mentoring students and helping them begin their own businesses. Gordon told Fast Company that the Innovation Center will help “student entrepreneurs go farther than they can go today on their own.”

The lab will open this fall and is a $20 million facility. According to the school, the lab will foster an environment that aims to cultivate budding entrepreneurs, connecting them to their peers and other innovative thinkers from around the world. Joseph Lassiter, the lab’s faculty co-chairman, affirmed that Gordon’s experience would enable him to effectively run the organization.

“Gordon is a superb choice for this new and important position,” Lassiter said. “He has the skills to build relationships between students and local entrepreneurs, create partnerships with area small business organizations and develop a center (that) fully brings to life the spirit of innovation.”

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