Friday, October 20th, 2017

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How to Stand Out at the Office This Holiday Season

Want to get ahead at work? Put in more hours this holiday season - your boss may notice.Looking to make a good impression on your boss? Working harder this holiday season – rather than slacking off – could be a smart way to go about it.

More than a third of workers take it easy around the holidays, according to managers polled by staffing firm Accountemps. And who can blame them? During the holiday season, offices quiet down when people go on vacation – and there are usually lots of parties to attend.

But, the managers surveyed by Accountemps say, only 18 percent of workers are either somewhat or much more productive at the holidays. Joining their ranks by putting in a few late nights at work (or stepping up to the plate and volunteering for new projects) can pay dividends well into the new year.

Not only will productive workers be in a better position to win a promotion, but a company that's downsizing will be less likely to let go of its most engaged, enthusiastic workers.

So putting in more effort has dual dividends, boosting both your job security and your chances of getting promoted.

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One Response to How to Stand Out at the Office This Holiday Season

  1. icing says:

    A lot of workers would definitely be less productive in holidays because it is the only time of the year where they are looking forward to have long vacation and see their old folks. I think giving them incentives would do the trick.

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