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Making Extra Cash: College Students Are Putting the “Odd” Back in Jobs

Washing cars, cleaning gutters or sweeping floors are all traditional ways of making a quick buck, but some college students have redefined the meaning of “odd” ways to make cash.

Boston University Junior “Mike Robbins” (not his real name) said he would do anything to make money – be it a lemonade taste test, or collecting cans after his roommate’s wild party.

Over the past year, Robbins, 20, has drunk lemonade for 30 minutes straight, collected cans, and almost gone through with a brain CAT scan just to scrape up enough dough to pay his enormous cell phone bill. He said he is always on the lookout for odd ways to make money since he rarely has any.

“If you can get paid for it, it’s worth doing,” Robbins said. “I would be walking down the street on a Friday night, everybody partying and me just picking up the cans. It was hard, but in the morning I got paid, and they had hangovers.

Joe Stellinga, a University of Iowa senior said he’s scarred for life from donating plasma – the clear, liquid portion of blood – for one semester his junior year. Stellinga, 23, said he made over $1,000 in almost 20 weeks.

“I will have a small scar on my arm forever,” said Stellinga, who went twice a week for two hours to donate. “But it was worth it. I needed the cash.”

Students willing to participate in this should look in their local phone books for plasma donation centers. Plasma is always in demand and donation centers can be found across the country.

Some students are even inspired to work by finding out what others are doing to make money. Across every college and university, students are bound to find those pesky people passing out flyers on their way to class. However, most students just shrug them off and keep walking down the street.

But Ally Weinstock, 20, a junior at Columbia College in Chicago, decided she was fed up with these people. After questioning them about what they were doing out there every day, Weinstock found herself roaming through dormitory halls the next day passing out the exact same flyers.

“All I had to do was get students to fill out credit card applications and I made $80 in under four hours,” said Weinstock, adding that students were enticed to fill out the applications since she gave them free phone cards, t-shirts and calculators provided by the credit card company. “It was quick money and that’s what I like.”

Quick money does not always come so easy, however. Sometimes students will find themselves participating in dirty work, because that’s all they can find.

Such is the case with David Olefsky, a 21-year-old senior at the University of Illinois. He decided to put on some rubber gloves, hold his nose, and become a dishwasher for two weeks at his fraternity. By doing this, he made $90 in cash every two weeks.

“It was gross and disgusting work,” Olefsky said. “But I got paid.”

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