Sunday, November 19th, 2017

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Green Internships Are A Win-Win

This summer you can help the environment while adding a green edge to your résumé. Even if you are not majoring in environmental studies, these green internships can help the planet and your career.

Green Mountain Club. The Green Mountain Club offers internships to students at Long Trail in Vermont. The Long Trail was built between 1910 and 1930 and is the longest distance trail in the United States. They offer internships in leadership, education, construction, and management. This internship is a great chance to live and work in the mountains (housing is paid for), while receiving school credit. Visit Greenmountainclub.org for more information.

Green America. Green America is a non-profit organization that brings members together to develop a socially and environmentally friendly society. Based in Washington D.C., they offer summer internships which cover fair trade, advertising, publication, business, and shopping. They also offer internships that can be accomplished online, so you can get experience and help society no matter where you live. For more information go to Coopamerica.org

Green for All. Green for All is building a green economy that is strong enough to lift people out of poverty.  They believe in Green-Collar Jobs—jobs that help the environment while helping people make a living. Green for All helps put together job listings, training, and entrepreneurship opportunities. They are based in Oakland, California and offer internships for spring and summer in media and communications. They also offer a development internship which helps put together grants, seek out donors, and plan events. Their state policy internship helps connects people with policymakers, legislators, and community groups. Highly desired candidates showing a financial need may receive a stipend. Read all about Green for All at Greenforall.org.

Rainforest Alliance. Based in New York City, Rainforest Alliance is a non-profit organization that helps preserve tropical forests worldwide for the betterment of the global community. Majority of intern work includes work in communications, increasing donors and funds, and planning special events. Hour commitment per week is low and flexible. Visit Rainforest-alliance.org to apply.

Environmental Defense Center. If you are interested in law the Environmental Defense Center (EFD) can help get your foot in the door. EFD is the only non-profit law group in Los Angeles that works towards the protection of environmental issues, such as water protection, species protection, and general public health. The law internship assists in legal research, drafting memos, and making appearances in front of public agencies. Interns have the opportunity to attend court. Other available internships are in environmental advocacy, development, and environmental outreach and education. Visit Edcnet.org for more information on any of these programs.

Landing an internship with one of these big companies will look impressive on your résumé, no matter what your major. To increase your chances, focus on specific abilities the internship is looking for while highlighting your desire to help the environment. It will also help to include a written recommendation and any related environmental work you have recently done. For green internships in your state, visit http://www.internships-usa.com/BigGreen/green0506.htm.

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  1. jobs guy says:

    great article! working green is great experience as the new Obama administration is pushing greener technology i.e. solar. Great skills to have.

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