Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

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Less than a Quarter of Workers Passionate About their Jobs

Only 23 percent of people are truly passionate about their jobs, a survey shows.Only 23 percent of the American workforce is passionate about their jobs, a recent survey found.

The poll, conducted by strategy consultancy Deloitte, shows that many workers simply aren't satisfied in their careers. But people do have reasons to do work they're not enthusiastic about – benefits like health insurance and retirement savings plans.

Fifty-eight percent of the people Deloitte polled said they were staying in their job because they need steady income, while 50 percent indicated that they were staying put to remain covered by their employer's health insurance. Forty-five percent said they needed other benefits like a retirement plan.

The news that less than a quarter of workers truly enjoy their jobs is disheartening. Young people have been told all their lives that they can do whatever they want to do – and it's hard to think about settling for a career that's anything less than fulfilling.

But there may be hope for the young person unsatisfied in her job. People who do contract work, Deloitte found, are twice as likely to be satisfied with their jobs as regular salaried employees – so becoming an independent contractor may be something to consider.

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