Sunday, November 19th, 2017

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Looking for a Job? Google Plans to Hire 6,000 in 2011

Google plans to hire 6,000 new workers this year.The world's most popular search engine, Google, will do its part to help the battered U.S. labor market in 2011: The company announced plans to hire 6,000 new workers as the technology giant endeavors to fight off competition from Facebook.

If Google were to hire that many people this year, it would mark the biggest year for growth in the company's workforce in its history, Google's senior vice president of engineering and research, Alan Eustace, said in a blog post. In 2010, Google added some 4,500 workers, expanding its employee pool to 24,400 people. Eustace affirmed that Google is "still the same entrepreneurial company it was when I started, encouraging Googlers to take on big ideas and high-risk, high-reward opportunities."

Google is known for its quirky working atmosphere and the benefits it bestows on its employees, like free lunches and "20 percent time," which allows Googlers to take one day a week off from work to come up with new products or services. If you're looking to move into the technology field and you have a stellar resume, it might be a good time to try your hand at applying – although the search engine giant is known for its rigorous interview process.

Google will hire engineers to improve its services in areas like mobile computing, display advertising and video, according to Bloomberg. Though Google's fourth quarter earnings handily beat economists' estimates, it was eclipsed by Facebook as the most visited Web site in the U.S. last year and is looking for ways to keep its fiercest rival from overtaking it.  

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2 Responses to Looking for a Job? Google Plans to Hire 6,000 in 2011

  1. Terry Sells says:

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  2. icing says:

    This is a wonderful idea and good news for job seekers out there. With the declining economy that we are facing right now,it is good to know that companies like google give hope to people who currently unemployed.

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