Monday, November 20th, 2017

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Looking for Advice From an Entrepreneurial Guru? Follow Them on Twitter

Many entrepreneurs and business innovators use Twitter to dole out business advice to their followers.Looking for Advice From an Entrepreneurial Guru? Follow Them on Twitter

Everyone needs counsel from time to time. When Mark Zuckerberg seeks sage advice, he turns to Steve Jobs, but what are young entrepreneurs to do when you're in need of a little guidance from someone who knows your industry well?

Luckily for those of us who aren't billionaire tech geniuses, Twitter exists. The social media site is a compendium of not only your friend's rants and mundane observations, but also tweets from some of the best entrepreneurial minds out there. Here is a list of some quality business innovators you should consider following if you're seeking out inspiration.

1. Fred Wilson
Twitter Name: Twitter.com/FredWilson
A leading investor in Twitter, Wilson is a VC and Principal of Union Square Ventures and is very well connected, keeps up with what his peers are doing and tweets every day, all day.

2. Mark Suster
Twitter Name: Twitter.com/MSuster
A general partner in GRP Partners, Suster sold his last company to Salesforce.com and is an expert in early-stage tech companies. He has extensive business experience and not only links to his blog posts through his Twitter, but also relays interesting responses from his followers.

3. Richard Branson
Twitter Name: Twitter.com/RichardBranson
Internationally recognized as the quirky head of Virgin Group, Branson tweets constantly about business and asks insightful questions of his followers.

4. Anita Campbell
Twitter Name: Twitter.com/Smallbiztrends
Chief executive of Small Business Trends, Campbell is a master in small business trends and often tweets interesting stories that are hard to find. She also publishes podcasts.

5. Caterina Fake
Twitter Name: Twitter.com/Caterina
Co-Founder of Flickr and Hunch, Fake tweets about her success in starting businesses and often links to articles that are specifically aimed at female entrepreneurs.

6. Cindy Ratzlaff
Twitter Name: Twitter.com/BrandYou
For those looking to expand their brand, Ratzliff's Twitter feed is the perfect tool. She helps her 18,000 followers to create buzz for their brands and gives myriad marketing tips.

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