Friday, November 17th, 2017

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Medical personnel can benefit from bevy of applications

A wide selection of applications is available for medical personnel.Many innovative mobile medicine and healthcare applications are available for personal computing devices.

3D4Medical's Muscle System is a free application that demonstrates in-depth views of the muscle systems. It allows zooming, enlarging, rotating and delving beneath layers. The iHealth Lab enables users to monitor blood pressure. Available for iPhone, iPad and iPods, the system charges $99 for a cuff and docking system to measure blood pressure that offers viewing of blood pressure readings. The application is free.

AirStrip Technologies' AirStrip Cardiology delivers electrocardiogram data to an iPad or iPhone. It has a mobile application that can remotely access a bedside fetal heart monitor. Blausen Medical offers a human atlas, as well as 3-dimensional and colorful illustrations about various human body systems. Also featuring voiceover explanations, the application is available for Apple, BlackBerry and Android for nominal fees.

The WellDoc DiabetesManager is suitable for Type 2 diabetic patients as they can tally medication, blood glucose and additional information and readings, which the devices convert to coaching, reminders and recommendations.

DrCrono's EHR is a system for electronic health records that permits clinicians' to enter history and physical exams of patients, among other requirements.

Many additional mobile health and telehealth applications exist and are being developed.

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