Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

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Most Valuable NBA Teams

While many NBA players make huge sums of money every year, which teams are worth the most money to their owners?The National Basketball Association held its All Star Game this past weekend and some of the league's biggest stars were in attendance, including Paul Pierce, Lebron James and Blake Griffin. While many NBA players make huge sums of money every year, which teams are worth the most money to their owners?

Forbes reports that the average team in the NBA is now worth $369 million – about 1 percent more than the year prior. However, not every one of the NBA's teams have fully recovered from the recession; in fact, the average value of an NBA team currently sits about 2.6 percent lower than the $379 million peak from two years ago.

While some NBA teams that are the most highly valued are not surprising – the Lakers, for example – other teams have surged in recent years. The Miami Heat benefited mightily from the arrival of superstar Lebron James this past summer: The Heat's value surged 17 percent to $425 million after his arrival. Conversely, the Cleveland Cavaliers, James' former team, plummeted 26 percent to $355 million without the world's most recognizable basketball player on its roster.

In fact, James was so important to the Heat franchise that his presence helped fuel a rise in value more so than any other player in the league's 64-year history. For the 2010-2011 season, the Heat sold out their entire season ticket inventory; ticket prices are forecast to increase next year; and ratings for Heat games broadcast on Sun Sports have risen 100 percent this year.

Here are the 10 most valuable teams in the NBA:

1. New York Knicks
Team Value: $655 million

2. Los Angeles Lakers
Team Value: $643 million

3. Chicago Bulls
Team Value: $511 million

4. Boston Celtics
Team Value: $452 million

5. Houston Rockets
Team Value: $443 million

6. Dallas Mavericks
Team Value: $438 million

7. Miami Heat
Team Value: $425 million

8. Phoenix Suns
Team Value: $411 million

9. San Antonio Spurs
Team Value: $404 million

10. Toronto Raptors 

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