Thursday, October 19th, 2017

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New Facebook App Helps Applicants Know Their Chances at 1,500 Colleges

Hoping you'll get into MIT? A new Facebook app will let you know your chances. Applying and being admitted to a college in the U.S. is one of the most nerve-wracking times in the lives of many young people. However, there is now an app that helps users to decide which schools to apply to – based on their projected chances of getting in.

Startup company Splash Networks endeavored to create an app that would help prospective college students better know their chances of acceptance at universities and colleges throughout the U.S. The company announced Tuesday that it launched a Facebook app called "AdmissionSplash" that shows the statistical chances they have of gaining admittance to their top choice schools, whether it be Boston College, Stanford University, Vanderbilt University or the like.

The app requires students to submit basic information about themselves including standardized testing scores, their address, grade point average and other variables, including volunteer work and sports teams they have participated in. Once a student has answered all of the questions, the app uses an algorithm to give users a "desirability ranking" as well as the probability they will gain entrance.

The app rates a candidate's chance of being admitted on a scale that ranges from "very poor" to "very good." The app currently provides information of 1,500 schools, basing its calculations on data the schools have released. Some, however, question the efficacy of the app, challenging the notion that the admission process is based only on hard data and not on personal experiences and the individual essay that is required by most schools.

For example, Boston College's admissions website affirms that "selective colleges attract far more qualified candidates than they could possibly accommodate in their freshman classes." As a result of this, "the admission process at these schools is highly subjective and arbitrary." BC received 30,000 applications for the class of 2014 and offered admission to only 30 percent of those who applied.

Nonetheless, AdmissionSplash has been pretty accurate in its predictions; of students that used the app to see whether they would be admitted to UCLA, nearly 85 percent of students that were told they would get admitted actually did.

While the admission process is a crap shoot – that's for sure – apps like AdmissionSpash can, at the very least, help you decide if you have a chance at the dream school you've been hoping to go to your whole life. But, if it makes you feel any better, just because you don't get into Yale doesn't mean you won't end up falling in love with the school you do go to – take it from someone who knows.  

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