Tuesday, October 24th, 2017

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Personal Devices Beat Out Work Computers

Personal laptops are regularly better than work laptops.A new survey suggests that workers are substantially more productive using their own electronic devices than they are with those provided by their office, according to The Telegraph.

Commissioned by software company Citrix Online and organized by YouGov, the survey asked businesses about the types of technology their employees use and their policies for using personal devices. Already, 45 percent of respondent companies allow employees to use their own computers and around half of all employees could actually be using better technology with their personal device.

The biggest finding for many companies considering changing their policy is that businesses with more open technology policies actually saw increased productivity of as much as 30 percent, though the average value was not reported.

The largest concern for many companies was the potential for security breaches that can arise from the use of a broad variety of devices. Think tank Digital Systems Knowledge Transfer Network suggests that mobile devices pose the biggest risk, according to InfoSecurity-US.com. However, many executives have grown more concerned with data security on public clouds, which might reduce worries about specific devices.

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