Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

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Positions Available For Those Willing to Adapt

Industries like healthcare continue to grow even as others struggle.Unemployment in the U.S. continues to hover above 9 percent and many around the country face difficulty finding new work. A recent survey from CareerBuilder, however, found that those with experience and education have a variety of opportunities in some of the country’s largest companies.

The survey included more than 800 workers laid off in the past year. Of this group, roughly 60 percent had moved on to new employment with a surprising 54 percent of group switching career tracks entirely.

“Right now, we have a multi-speed labor market where certain areas like healthcare, IT and engineering are recovering faster than others,” Matter Ferguson, chief executive of CareerBuilder, said in a statement. “We’re seeing significant growth in skilled positions, but not enough talent to fill those positions. This goes back to the importance of ‘re-skilling’ workers for opportunities where we’re not only seeing demand today, but expect to grow in the future.”

The career site highlighted some major companies with substantial openings, such as PNC bank with more than 1,000 positions and AON insurance with nearly 1,400 positions.

Caterpillar notes that it has had difficulty filling positions across almost every skilled job category, from engineers to welders, according to Reuters.

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