Saturday, October 21st, 2017

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Pot U: Campuses Teaching Cannabis

You can study just about anything these days. Education is a booming business—trade schools, online schools, and specialized schools make learning almost anything a possibility for almost anyone.

You can even learn how to grow pot. 

Not only learn it but if you want to be in the growing business of marijuana horticulture or dispensary, you now have a choice of places to go. These schools may not be accredited but they are the first in the country and they mark an important change in our culture.

Medical Marijuana is a growth industry and like any other industry, there is someone out there waiting to teach you how to make the most of it.

Oaksterdam University

Oaksterdam was founded in 2007 by medical marijuana maven Richard Lee. The school focuses on training students to work in the medical marijuana industry. It offers horticulture and glass blowing programs; and courses in politics and history, dispensary operations, procurement and allocation, legal rights, and legal business structures.

Oaksterdam has three campuses: Oakland, Los Angeles and Sebastopol.

For more information visit: OaksterdamUniversity.com

Oregon Medical Cannabis University

This program focuses on helping people learn how to grow cannabis and use it to manage illness. Most seminars focus on growing pot and making extracts. Many of their classes are in the evenings or on the weekends, making it easy for people who still have 9 to 5 jobs. The even have an alumni clone exchange where former students can meet up to trade plants.

For more information visit: OregonMedicalCannabisUniversity.com

Med Grow in Detroit Michigan

Med Grow is a medical marijuana trade school, which, according to their website is “dedicated to the education and advocacy of Michigan patients and caregivers. Our primary goal is to provide our students with an education that will allow them to be extremely successful in the medical marijuana industry.”

Med Grow focuses on the hands on approach. They offer several interactive labs.

For more information: MedGrowMI.com

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