Monday, October 16th, 2017

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‘Quarter-life crisis’ rears in England

The majority of Britons aged 26 to 30 are displeased with the lives' progression, a poll indicates.Nearly three-quarters of young professionals who are unhappy with their lives’ progression suffer their quarter-life crisis, according to a survey.

The Daily Mail of London reports 73 percent of Britons aged 26- to 30-year-olds are enduring enough stress to make them believe everyone is achieving more than they are. The poll was administered by Vodaphone, the mobile phone company.

“On the whole, young people are much more stressed than previous generations were,” according to Dr. Donna Dawson, a behavioral psychologist. “They leave university saddled with debt, life is more expensive, and it’s harder to get on the property ladder. That is why we are seeing this epidemic.”

Respondents to the poll also identified celebrities with whom they most associate the quarter-life crisis. The top vote getter was Britney Spears, followed by Lindsay Lohan then Ashley Cole.

“Young people feel under so much pressure to prove themselves, and the constant struggle to keep up a certain image means you can end up with a sense of failure and emptiness,” she said.

It’s the notion that what you own is who you are which causes problems for today’s young people.”

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