Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

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Report: Best Labor Market For College Graduates Since 2008

College graduates this year have the best job prospects since 2008.The U.S. labor market has struggled to emerge from the depths of the recession, but college graduates this year have some good news to cheer, according to a recently published report.

Bloomberg reports that the class of 2011 is enjoying the best job market for new graduates since the 2008 financial crisis took hold. The National Association of Colleges and Employers said that college graduates this year are being offered jobs across a variety of industries in numbers not seen in over three years.

Edwin Koc, the head of research at NACE, said the rise in job offers is a result of the uptick in business at finance, energy and technology companies, which have all bounced back as an economic recovery has taken hold. This year, about 1.6 million students are projected to graduate from U.S. colleges.

A majority of companies are looking to fill vacancies that have lingered for the past few years, and they’re hiring young people to fill that void, Koc affirmed. Colleges across the U.S. have witnessed the uptick in hiring first hand as job fairs have been extended and job postings on college websites are up precipitously from the past few years, according to analysts.

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