Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

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Richard Branson Critiques Educational System for not Serving Entrepreneurs

Richard Branson contends that the education system in his native Britain is hurting entrepreneurs by not stressing risk-taking enough.The Wikileaks cables are revealing more than just diplomatic assessments of foreign governments. According to a recently released cable, the British entrepreneur, Richard Branson,
thinks that the British education system is doing a disservice to the country's supply of entrepreneurs.

Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Richard Branson all dropped out of college before starting their own hugely successful companies and in an address to business leaders in China in 2008, Branson affirmed that schools in England failed to teach students to take risks, instead "overeducating" them.

Academics and business school professors across the Atlantic seem to back Branson's claims. Branson's comments, now public for the world to see, prompted the UK publication "Management Today" to write that he "raises an interesting issue – especially when soaring tuition fees might make some people think twice about heading down the university route." Dr. Dennis Ceru, a professor at Babson College, affirms that Branson's comments echo "a growing urgency to teach entrepreneurship" in American classrooms.

According to Ceru, the willingness to fail needs to be fostered in young entrepreneurs so that they can learn from their mistakes and come up with better ideas. Branson asserts that an educational system that emphasises a regimented curriculum instead of one that fosters creative thinking is ultimately detrimental to young entrepreneurial minds. 

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