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Six Ways To Make Fast Cash

Whether you need money for books, some “walking around cash” or the fare for a ticket home, here are six creative ways you can earn some extra bucks.  We have compiled various ways which you can make quick cash for doing simple tasks online. There are lots of ways to make fast cash and quickly, if you just take a chance with a company. What do you have to lose?

Ways to Make Fast Cash

HUMAN GUINEA PIG: Ever thought of participating in a research study? Compensation for clinical research study volunteers runs the gamut from $15 for answering a few questions on lifestyle habits to a couple of thousand dollars for participating in a longer term study with an in-patient stay.

If your university has a med school, check out opportunities on campus. National clinical listing services include www.clinicaltrials.gov and www.centerwatch.com.

MOVING BILLBOARD: All Savi Maharaj from the University of Florida has to do to get a paycheck is drive her black Volkswagen Beetle around campus. If she leaves her car parked in front of the dorms, it’s even better for business.

Maharaj is one of the over 700,000 contacts for a marketing and promotions company called Free Car Media. The company matches advertising clients with drivers across the country to promote the company’s products. Drivers are given free samples of the product they are promoting to pass out along the road to interested consumers.

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SELL STUFF: Sell what you don’t need, can’t use, or no longer like. Sell back your used textbooks at semester’s end. Do it on campus for the fastest return, but if you’re a recent grad you can sell back textbooks on-line. Check out www.barnesandnoble.com.

Other easily convertible-to-cash items include CD’s and clothing. Expect to get $1-$5 per CD, depending on the condition. Gary Alpert, 23, after-school director at the Jewish Day School in Newton, Mass. takes the music resale concept a step further. “I’ve bought a box of used records at a garage sale for $3 and then sold them for $1-2 each at the used music store.”

QUICK CASH-IN’S: For students that live in a state that has bottle deposit laws, returning empty soda cans and beer bottles is a popular way to make quick cash. Pick up empties at the cafeteria or littered at school events.

Kate Hutchinson, 21, and her friend Nate Curtis, 22, both recent Trinity College (Hartford, Conn.) graduates, recycle cans together and use the money for “the extras, mostly stuff for our cat; a new collar, a litter box, going out money.”

Data Entry at Home:

If you can type quickly and have a home computer, many companies are looking for you to help. These jobs are usually easy to qualify for after a short online test.

ODD JOBS: Hutchinson does typing for extra money. “I work an average of 2 hours a week at $10/hour but I get more business closer to Christmas because my customers are busier themselves,” she says. Alpert has a weekly babysitting gig.

TEMPORARY JOBS: Sometimes the only way to get real money is to get a real job. For example, playing Santa in the winter and manning a firework stand in the summer or anyother temporary holiday jobs are perfect if you want to make money but don’t want to make a huge job commitment. Some schools will post jobs on-line; others will post them outside the financial aid office.

*The ten states with bottle laws are: California, New York, Michigan, Massachusetts, Iowa, Maine, Delaware, Connecticut, Oregon and Vermont.

Complete Surveys Online:

Another great way to make fast cash is to complete surveys online. While you won’t qualify for every job because you don’t fit the profile, you will qualify for enough to make some extra bucks.

Contributing writer Sara Faiwell provided information for this story.

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  12. Clint with no name says:

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  13. Bee says:

    **heres how to make fast money… go to a walmart or something find a reciept on the ground pick the most expensive thing from it, go into the store, find it on the shelves and return it. Never fails.**

    Does this really work? Wouldn\’t the store know that the item was never really purchased? Someone who has done it.. tell meeee! i need money TODAY.

  14. arge says:

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  15. keyana says:

    where can i go to answer questions and get paid for it ? i need some money fast, because my family is going to universal studios and they said I have to pay for it myself. And I need $200 in two weeks. What do I need to do?

  16. icing says:

    hi! this is a useful tip for unemployed person like me. Though I would like to know if these are applicable in other countries like philippines? i do hope u could help me.thanks.

  17. icing says:

    could you also give me sites on data entry jobs that don’t require membership fees or any payment? I would like to have a job on online data entry as well. Thanks and God bless.

  18. B.L.McGrann says:

    I need extra money 4 the holiday season. I have applied 4 jobs, seasonal, 4 the holiday seaon. But almost having a heart attack kept me from several positons. By the time I was able to respond 2 their calls, they claimed they were full up. & I am a writer. So finding side jobs these days is difficult enough. A lady wanted me 2 send her a resme, just to sell bath candy 4 the holiday season! A total of less than 3 weeks. That”s ludicrus! & I have read over many of these seasonal job listings, on this site.& have presude many of them before. & have found. That u can do none of them off line unless u have a resume. Or they are on line & are either trying to take your money, sc &am u or not ligit. It isn”t any wonder people have such difficulty today! & 4 me ÷ typically don”t. But I am now!

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  20. SWINGKID says:

    Its hard to make money online. The article makes it sound easy. I have done lots of survey’s etc. I tried blogging but not suited to that either. I doubt getting a typing job is as easy as they made it sound.

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    It’s good method that i like it. Thanks sharing.

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