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Six Ways To Make Fast Cash

Whether you need money for books, some “walking around cash” or the fare for a ticket home, here are six creative ways you can earn some extra bucks.  We have compiled various ways which you can make quick cash for doing simple tasks online. There are lots of ways to make fast cash and quickly, if you just take a chance with a company. What do you have to lose?

Ways to Make Fast Cash

HUMAN GUINEA PIG: Ever thought of participating in a research study? Compensation for clinical research study volunteers runs the gamut from $15 for answering a few questions on lifestyle habits to a couple of thousand dollars for participating in a longer term study with an in-patient stay.

If your university has a med school, check out opportunities on campus. National clinical listing services include www.clinicaltrials.gov and www.centerwatch.com.

MOVING BILLBOARD: All Savi Maharaj from the University of Florida has to do to get a paycheck is drive her black Volkswagen Beetle around campus. If she leaves her car parked in front of the dorms, it’s even better for business.

Maharaj is one of the over 700,000 contacts for a marketing and promotions company called Free Car Media. The company matches advertising clients with drivers across the country to promote the company’s products. Drivers are given free samples of the product they are promoting to pass out along the road to interested consumers.

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SELL STUFF: Sell what you don’t need, can’t use, or no longer like. Sell back your used textbooks at semester’s end. Do it on campus for the fastest return, but if you’re a recent grad you can sell back textbooks on-line. Check out www.barnesandnoble.com.

Other easily convertible-to-cash items include CD’s and clothing. Expect to get $1-$5 per CD, depending on the condition. Gary Alpert, 23, after-school director at the Jewish Day School in Newton, Mass. takes the music resale concept a step further. “I’ve bought a box of used records at a garage sale for $3 and then sold them for $1-2 each at the used music store.”

QUICK CASH-IN’S: For students that live in a state that has bottle deposit laws, returning empty soda cans and beer bottles is a popular way to make quick cash. Pick up empties at the cafeteria or littered at school events.

Kate Hutchinson, 21, and her friend Nate Curtis, 22, both recent Trinity College (Hartford, Conn.) graduates, recycle cans together and use the money for “the extras, mostly stuff for our cat; a new collar, a litter box, going out money.”

Data Entry at Home:

If you can type quickly and have a home computer, many companies are looking for you to help. These jobs are usually easy to qualify for after a short online test.

ODD JOBS: Hutchinson does typing for extra money. “I work an average of 2 hours a week at $10/hour but I get more business closer to Christmas because my customers are busier themselves,” she says. Alpert has a weekly babysitting gig.

TEMPORARY JOBS: Sometimes the only way to get real money is to get a real job. For example, playing Santa in the winter and manning a firework stand in the summer or anyother temporary holiday jobs are perfect if you want to make money but don’t want to make a huge job commitment. Some schools will post jobs on-line; others will post them outside the financial aid office.

*The ten states with bottle laws are: California, New York, Michigan, Massachusetts, Iowa, Maine, Delaware, Connecticut, Oregon and Vermont.

Complete Surveys Online:

Another great way to make fast cash is to complete surveys online. While you won’t qualify for every job because you don’t fit the profile, you will qualify for enough to make some extra bucks.

Contributing writer Sara Faiwell provided information for this story.

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  1. ok says:

    ok that was good

  2. NOT DUMN says:

    wow i could have figured out this stuff already because of course i am human and i am not dumn!!!!

  3. brian says:

    apparently you are dumb because you dont even know how to spell it right…dumbass

  4. funny says:

    i think they were getting damn and dumb mixed up. LOL I saw it then was hoping the next post did too!=)They did, same thing I was thinking.

  5. Topsy Cretts says:

    wow. it doesnt take a genius to figure that out. he11, my 6 year old sister can do that stuff and get paid more cuz shes cuter than most people!! i agree, this is dumb “merde”. look it up. its french.

  6. ok says:

    This article was pretty obvious, everyone knows how to sell things.

  7. HEY NOT DUMN says:


  8. ..... says:

    Well, it appears two people do not know how to spell.

    Instead of “U” “R”, would it actually be much of a strain to type out the actual words, “You are..”?

  9. peacelovejoy says:

    the one thing i hate is internet battles…make love not war people!!!

  10. joylovepeace says:

    Haaaaahahahh internet battles!! SO FUN!!

  11. jacob21443 says:

    Arguing on the internet is like running in the “special” olympics. Even if you win you’re still retarded.

  12. We're All Sad says:

    Because we’re commenting on a forum made to help us with some financial tips but somehow its become a battle of whose illiterate and then whose intellectually superior.

    Either way, we were looking for ways to get cash or get more of it, and I hope we all succeed either way, good day, humans.

    – Enigma

  13. Jenni7.google.com says:

    the article is good to know how to make money

  14. Kat says:

    You mean “who’s”, not “whose.” Sorry, don’t mean to add to the illiterate-people-bashing, but I think it’s ironic that you’re commenting on illiterate people when you don’t even know which words to use, “Whose” is a possessive. “Who’s” is a contraction for “who is.” Just in case.

  15. gggfgkfgfsytf says:

    just shut up and go make money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. gggfgkfgfsytf says:

    everyone stop worrying about grammar and focus on making fast cash

  17. ok says:

    shut up

  18. Moneyy ? says:

    Well, this article won’t help with your mission on making more money. I think you’ll be a rare case where you find free (decent) help to make money. I tried Project Payday… they rave how it’s free, yet you still have to pay in order just to see the instructions? What is that ?

  19. shadymaplelover! says:

    Okay,…. well this was useless. Who on the ever lovin’ earth would want to be a lab rat? This isn’t realistic..

  20. Ace in the Hole says:

    Its rediculous how you can flame on each other for using abbreviations or acronyms on a forum. Its the Internet….that’s how we communicate. We mispell, over-exagerate, or completely avoid certain words. Brian was right for calling “NOT DUMN” a dumbass, but everyone else needs to chill.

  21. :) says:

    You’ve made 2 errors. There’s no e in ridiculous and exaggerate has 2 g’s… Dumb@$$ 🙂

  22. my dick says:

    your mom has 2 g’s

  23. your momma says:

    ha ha….you people need a life!

  24. mom says:

    your all poor so it dont matter

  25. Anonymous says:

    heres how to make fast money… go to a walmart or something find a reciept on the ground pick the most expensive thing from it, go into the store, find it on the shelves and return it. Never fails.

  26. just_saying_what_the_world_is_thinking says:

    I like the above trick now that’s thinking for you! Oh and most Yankees murder our English language anyway, there really needs to be a clear definition between English and American so at least online the world knows who to avoid. :p

    Oh dear now if only the Whole of America could be segregated you could concentrate on ruining only your own country instead of obliterating the world.

  27. as usual says:

    JSWTWIT you are a fool. The U.S are like cops. Everybody hates them until they need one

  28. SexyAwesomeRichDude says:

    lol thats funny

    “wow i could have figured out this stuff already because of course i am human and i am not dumn!!!!”

    hey genius, you spelled dumb wrong, LOL.

  29. IDIOTS says:

    i think it’s really funny to sit here and see all the people commenting on grammar and spelling errors..is it really worth stressing over it? do you think those people really care that you’re bashing them for their mistake? NO. besides..this website was made for ideas of making fast cash, pretty obvious ways too, not a lesson in english..so why don’t you HUMAN BEINGS start commenting on the actual subject: MONEY. i got a really good laugh today though. thanks to those people 🙂

  30. the man says:

    Haha..you guys are unbelievable

  31. another man says:

    hell is spelled “hell” not “he11” no #1s in a word dummy.

  32. Doe says:

    What the hell is wrong with you people?

  33. chiic says:

    in short. I could’ve written a better article. visit my blog 🙂

  34. whatever you say says:

    hahaha the directions say to keep it clean and stay on topic. why are you dumb asses talking about spelling and grammar issues when this is a site about making money. hell or he11, you are all dumb or dumn, and you all are unbelievable. get a life

  35. Bobby says:

    Had a friend do the human guinea pig gig–great money but the cost to personal health was incredible.

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  37. The only sane one here says:

    Bahahaha! How hilarious! We’re all pethetic enough to sit here and read all this crap about grammer and spelling, and the idiots so focused on making “fast cash” (using the whole specific term to define what they’re doing) just ticks off the other retards who don’t even care anyway!! XD

  38. =) says:

    Good post captain obvious!

  39. MGain786 says:

    Its a nice article. Basic, true but when your overwhelmed and don’t know where to start this sort of clears your head and gets you going on the right path. This website is for people who want to start saving money early and for people who want more information on how to further the savings that they have started.. I strongly suggest doing a web search for David Ramsey. Hes got some really helpful tools.

  40. TheDesprateGoodGuy says:

    Ok. This article is funny, however the comments are hilarious… Why can’t you people add ideas to this instead? Me personally i’d say to set up donations, go door to door asking to cut grass, rake leaves, wash cars ect. beg for handouts, or go rob somebody (at your own risk) & i wouldn’t recommend any of those so thats why im here looking for some better ideas and you people aren’t helping… but you all gave me a good laugh. So thx anyways…

  41. Chuck says:

    Another good way is to donate plasma. I go to a place called Bio Health. You can donate up to twice a week. The payment for you plasma varies, but where I go they pay $35 the first time and $50 the second time (in the same week). This is however only the first week. The weeks after that, the price is $25 and $35 (second donation in the same week). Have to go early though, because there is a line to wait in around 5AM.

  42. Chuck says:

    You also need a physical the first time. So expect to be there for a while. After your on their records it only takes about 15 min. When it comes dollars per hour its not bad!

  43. lil wayne says:

    heres what you do..steal a bunch of shit and then sell it on ebay..but u have to be a ninja when u do it or else u risk getting caught..does that help?

  44. knot smart says:

    not dumn is being sarcastik folks his name is apparently not dumn at all its smart

  45. Dee says:

    just wondering if the above money making technique really works? anyone tried?

  46. Hayce says:

    N key is right beside the B. So clearly they knew how to spell dumb but they accidently hit the key beside the correct key. So if your “really” smart then you would have figured this out as I myself have.

  47. ayogu noel says:

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