Monday, October 23rd, 2017

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Tech Firms More Bullish on Hiring

Plugging into tech job opportunities could be a smart career move.Technology companies may be good places to look for work, a new survey suggests.

According to law firm and consultancy Grant Thornton, tech firms are especially likely to have plans to expand their payrolls. In a recent survey of 516 financial executives around the nation, 37 percent of respondents said their companies planned to take on new employees. But 46 percent of the tech executives surveyed believed new hiring would be in the cards.

The reason tech firms are bullish on hiring, TheHill.com quotes Grant Thornton managing partner Cal Hackeman as saying, is that large enterprises are ramping up their tech spending after deferring new capital expenditures during the recession. "Investments in new and improved technology," he said, are "fueling the optimism expressed by technology industry executives."

Not all is rosy in the nation's corporate suites, however. Thirty percent of the 516 executives Grant Thornton surveyed said their companies would be cutting employees' healthcare benefits in a bid to save money.

But for young people looking for a leg up in the job hunt, tech businesses may be worth checking out.

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