Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

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Tech Job Applicants Fazed By Tricky Interview Questions

Tech companies like Cisco and Google throw tough questions at interviewees, a new survey shows.By all accounts, tech firms like Google and Facebook are great places to work – but, it turns out, getting a foot in the door is anything but fun.

Glassdoor.com, a site that provides information about companies' culture and interview processes, says this week that those companies – along with Cisco Systems – throw challenging questions at interviewees. Queries like "Why are manhole covers round?" and "How would you figure out the number of kilowatt-hours required to boil a container of water?" are the norm at Google, Cisco and Facebook, San Jose's Mercury News reports.

It's not just those three companies that make things difficult for applicants. Tech companies, in general, have particularly tricky interviews, Glassdoor.com says. And with the job market tight, companies in other sectors are getting tough on interviewees, as well.

Perhaps the best way to prepare for a tricky interview is practice – running through prospective interview questions with a friend or family member can be helpful.

But it can't hurt to find out why manhole covers are round, too.

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