Friday, November 17th, 2017

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Three Trends Entrepreneurs Can Look for in 2011

Recently, the Business Insider released a list of some trends entrepreneurs can expect in 2011.Navigating your business through the ever-changing economy is never an easy task, especially during these turbulent economic times. According to the Business Insider, however, there are a few trends that entrepreneurs can expect in 2011.

1. Big M&A and IPO Activity
In 2011, there will be momentum in mergers and acquisitions across the economy as businesses plan their IPOs and larger corporations scoop up promising upstarts. According to the Business Insider, a group-buying company – like Living Social or Buy with me – could go for a big number next year. Moreover, there could be a greater consolidation of eCommerce sites.

2. Angel Investing Will Slow
Angel investing, where wealthy individuals fund startups in exchange for an equity stake, should slow as more businesses look to venture capital firms and other companies for financing. Furthermore, there could be a lessening of the huge investments that many startups, especially in the technology field, have garnered the past few years.

3. The Boston Startup Community Will Take Off Again
Considered a hub of venture capital firms, Boston's startup community could really take off in 2011 as strategic business moves over the past three years should start paying off for fledgling companies in the city. According to the Business Insider, Boston has more product-oriented founders that are digital natives, more repeat entrepreneurs serious about mentoring others and a sense of ambition that permeates the city's startup culture.

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