Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

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Tight Market for Programmers Proves Good For Some, Bad For Others

The growing variety of gadgets has raised the need for programmers.The job market has proven dire for many people recently, but the situation is much the reverse in the programming world, according to NPR.

As mobile hardware increases dramatically in functionality and software is integrated into a broader array of devices, the need for programmers to write that code is growing just as dramatically.

"For example, [software] in refrigerators that's tracking and monitoring what goes out so you can prepare a shopping list," Andrew Bartels of Forrester Research told NPR. "Or software that's showing up in medicine cabinets. Those are not places you'd normally expect to see software."

While this has driven salaries for computer science majors ever higher, Dharmesh Shah, founder of online marketing firm Hubspot, explained that this has had a negative impact on many others who are forced to pay more for software and services. He even suggests that many projects are left incomplete for a lack of manpower.

One of the most interesting developments of this new demand for programmers has been the growth of technology positions in Detroit. As more automakers integrate extensive automation and software into their cars, the huge industry has attracted some top programming talent to the city.

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