Friday, November 17th, 2017

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Winner of Our October Life Coach Contest

Congratulations to Mark Hernandez, CEO of Specific Fitness! Mark won a free session with Laura Tirello. Here is his winning answer to our question, “What is your biggest goal?”

Here is Mark’s answer:

My biggest goal in my life is to play professional baseball, however in order to follow that passion, I have to pay for my pre existing shoulder condition, 3 months of strict therapy and pay for a sports performance baseball coach to prepare me to pitch at showcases. It’s a pretty expensive process, so I decided to start my own company called After COOL Fitness (www.afterCOOLfitness.com). Knowing the budget cuts for education, I designed a program to teach children about exercise and nutrition. ACF has now expanded its operations in over 60 schools in 2 states. I decided to leave my company to pursue my next venture, Specific Fitness. I’ve been working the past 3 months on developing the business plan and investor presentation in order to get Venture Capital to launch the website on Jan. 1, 2010. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet my business mentor/great friend Greg Smith, which has been kind enough to introduced me to several business associates around the U.S. I’m in the process of acquiring enough capital to successful launch the online publishing company. Lastly, I started a clothing company called 3Q. I had an idea for a men’s dress shirt and was able to get in touch with the creator of Hollister to help with the design. My goal is to pitch the shirt to a uniform company then take my product to the market to try and set a new trend for young professionals like myself. One of the biggest challenges I’m facing is TIME. When your dealing with other people to help with your idea’s, sometimes they tend to work at their own pace, especially when your dealing with Public companies. I tend to get frustrated but most of these investors/partners are also dealing with 20 other projects on my level. I hope to positively affect as many people as I can with my idea’s and be able to save enough money to pursue my baseball career. I will remain PERSISTENT until I achieve my goals.

There is still time to enter our November Life Coach Contest

November Life Coach Contest

Are you looking for some free advice? Enter the Young Money/Life Coach Contest and win a free hour long session. For our November contest, please answer the question: “What was the best advice you were given to achieve your goals?”

Email your answer to Laura@corelifedesign.com and she will choose one random winner.

The winner will receive a 60 minute coaching session from Life and Career Coach, Laura Tirello of Core Life Design. The session will be conducted by telephone at a time agreed upon by the winner. The session will focus on an area in the client’s personal or professional life in which they are seeking improvement. The client will be coached through their particular issue and given tools that may help them continue to create successful outcomes in their personal and/or professional life. The winner will also receive an email summary of the session from Laura Tirello.

You have until December 1 to enter. Winners will be notified by email by December 5. Include a working email address with your answer.

*YoungMoney.com reserves the right to publish your answer. You may request to be kept anonymous.

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