Saturday, November 18th, 2017

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Young People Less Enthusiastic About Politics

President Barack Obama's stock is falling among young people - a potential factor in the decline in political engagement.People between the ages of 18 and 29 are less enthusiastic about voting than they were a year ago, a new Harvard University poll shows.

As the university's Crimson newspaper reports this week, Harvard's Institute of Politics surveyed 2,004 members of Generation Y and found that young adults are less likely to want to vote this year than they were in 2009. In a poll conducted 11 months ago, 36 percent of Gen Ys said they would "definitely" vote in the upcoming election – but now that the election is just weeks away, only 27 percent are definitely voting.

And the proportion of young people who described themselves as politically engaged fell from 24 to 18 percent.

The Crimson suggests that disillusionment with the Obama administration might be to blame for the slump in engagement. Many of the policy changes put in place by President Barack Obama haven't really had an effect on young people – even though it was support from young voters that led Obama to victory two years ago.

The sluggish economy may also be a factor. Young adults may be more concerned with their job security than with what's going on in Washington.

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