Monday, November 20th, 2017

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YouTube Plans to Grow Employee Pool by 30 Percent in 2011

YouTube is hiring.Next time you’re wasting hours on YouTube, watching some video featuring a pet cat doing something weird or a little kid being exploited by his father for the sake of a laugh, you should probably reassess what you’re doing. After you’re done, you should consider applying for a job at the Google-owned company.

YouTube, the premier Web site for watching videos online, announced Thursday that it will increase the number of people it employs by 30 percent. Through its six years of existence, YouTube has grown from a fledgling upstart to a global phenomenon; according to the company’s executives, there are over 2 billion page views every day.

In 2011, YouTube plans to hire the biggest number of people in its history. The company will hire workers in a variety of fields; currently, there are openings in departments ranging from administrative, legal and advertising and sales, to engineering, product management and marketing.

The corporate culture at YouTube is like that of a startup, according to the company’s blog, and because it is owned by Google, employees still enjoy all the benefits of having one of the world’s biggest technology companies as a parent company. Instead of watching videos about how to find a job on YouTube, why don’t you try working there instead?

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