Sunday, November 19th, 2017

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YOUNG MONEY offers career and job articles, advice and tips from a career expert, professional job trainer, image expert to help college students and grads with job search and career and career strategy.

What To Wear for Job Interviews

An image expert offers wardrobe tips that will help you land the job you want.

Brand Yourself in Your Networking Contacts’ Minds

Offers advice and tips on your internship or job-hunting efforts by networking with people on an ongoing basis.

Job Seekers’ Bill of Rights and Wrongs

MIT’s Jason Wall covers the rights and wrongs of career minded job seekers.

A Look at Four Careers and What They Do!

A doctor, photographer, musician and computer specialist talk about their careers.

Former College Athlete Scores Points in Sales Job

Some ex-athletes are finding that their physical and mental toughness is well suited for a career in sales.

So Whose Life Is It?

Parents often choose their children’s career paths or college major. Includes a self-assessment test for students to gain valuable insight in keeping control of the decision making process.

9/11 Alters Students’ Career Strategy

Due to post-September hiring freezes, layoffs and a decrease in employment of new college graduates, students are changing their career strategies before starting to job hunt.

Common Courtesy Often Exceeds Employers’ Expectations

Explores the topic of common courtesy and the profound effect it can have on employers and co-workers. Specific examples are included.

College Students’ Top 10 Job Search Mistakes

Provides job searchers a step-by-step guide on avoiding the top 10 job searching mistakes. Includes information on methods and resources.

Learn to Work a Career Fair – Before, During and After

Includes how-to information, tips, and advice on using job fairs effectively to secure your position. Topics are divided into before, during, and after the job fair.