Saturday, November 18th, 2017

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Job Hunt

YOUNG MONEY job hunting articles, books, tips and advice for college students and recent graduates. Networking, wardrobe tips, résumé tips to help in your job hunt.

Text, Tweet, Blog and Surf Your Way To a New Job

This year give yourself the gift of a new job!

Seven Cyber Job Hunting Tips

Out of work? Best way to search online for your new job.

Strategies for Success at Your Next Job Fair

Take action with creative strategies to get you to the next step in the hiring process!

Get Hired: Write the Perfect Cover Letter

What is more important than a good resume?

Becoming One of the FBI’s Most Wanted

Step-by-step guide to becoming a super cool secret agent

Nobody Majors in Unemployment: In the Wrong Job? Find Out & Find a Better One

What to do if you find yourself in the wrong job and what not to do when you look for your next job.

Nobody Majors in Unemployment: Part II, More Ways to Find a Job

Tried all the usual job hunting sources? Now try these

Nobody Majors in Unemployment

Graduate’s guide to finding the PERFECT job

Guerrilla Job Search Tactics

Find a job by using three search tactics that almost nobody else is using.

10 Cutting Edge Jobs

Find out which jobs are going to be the next big thing and which ones are destined to be history.