Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

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5 Things You Should Never Do If You Want to Have a Successful Career

This post is from guest author Melissa Davidson. You can find her on Twitter @madtris If you’re just going through the motions every day, but not fully present in your job, you’re not giving it your all. It’s time to take action. Sometimes, taking action simply means giving up the things that no longer serve you. […]

Millennials: Use Your Experience with Technology to Make Good Money

This post is from guest author Daphne Stanford. Daphne is a DJ for Radio Boise. She writes poetry, nonfiction, and lyric essays. Other ways she enjoys spending her time include hiking, piano, singing at inappropriate times, and good conversation with friends & family. Follow her on Twitter. Millennials are transforming communication in the workplace by altering the […]

Managers Should Consider Dropping Status Meetings

Most workers dread status meetings, whether they have to prepare a presentation or simply suffer through them. As much as many managers insist these meetings are crucial to sharing information, Avinoam Nowgrodski writes for ZDNet that this age-old custom may actually be dispensable. Nowgrodski acknowledges that sharing information is an important function in most businesses, […]

What Matters More Than the Letters After Your Name

I met with a new client this week. Though she was new to me, her story was a familiar one that I had heard from many clients. She came to me regarding a lack of confidence in the workplace. She wanted to be more assertive and play a bigger role, but was crippled by feelings […]

Does March Madness Result in Lowered Worker Productivity?

It’s everyone’s – well a lot of people’s – favorite time of year: March Madness is upon us. With the parity in the NCAA this year, the title of college basketball champion is on the line; people are furiously filling out their brackets and with games streaming online, it’s a no-brainer that people will be […]

The Sleep Factor: How it Affects Your Performance

We’ve all heard the stories of the amazing things people have done on little rest. I recently heard that former General Mcchrystal only slept somewhere between 4 and 6 hours per night. We often celebrate those who sacrifice well needed rest in order to serve the greater good. We are often impressed that people can […]

Stop Surviving and Start Thriving in the Workplace

A large part of being successful is realizing what you can control and what you can’t. There will always be annoying bosses and pushy co-workers, and a never ending list of deadlines. Even if you are a solo-peneur (self employed) there will be parts of your career that are frustrating. The trick for thriving in […]

How to Begin Tackling Organization Overwhelm

Learn some easy steps to get back on the right track.

Get Fired and Still Qualify for Unemployment

Hate your job but need unemployment?

The Secret of Effective Decision Making

Do you trust your gut or carefully weigh pros & cons?